Jeffrey Bleich is concerned about the internet. Not concerned in the traditional, the-internet-is-the-end-of-the-world way -- he is confident that eventually our media landscape will be able to meet the needs of the "much more sophisticated consumers" it is producing -- but about what will happen along the way. He sees similar challenges for the media and for diplomats -- "there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world and people because they just don’t know what to trust and what to believe".

As Ambassador of the United States, even in an ally like Australia, trust and belief can be problematic. Mistrust of US intentions over Julian Assange, President Obama’s drone wars, what some claim is the build-up to war with Iran, the perception that Australia is co-operating too closely in American efforts to contain China -- all built up in the perceived gap between what the Obama administration says and what it does. And it's a problem not helped by what Bleich himself identifies as a declining trust in governments.