Fairfax funnies 1. Who was the rascal responsible for the “Target” word on page 16 of yesterday’s Age as myriad editorial staff from the Melbourne broadsheet continue to take payouts as Fairfax seeks to cut costs? Conspiracy or cock-up?

If you haven’t figured it out, the nine-letter word is “redundant”.

Fairfax funnies 2. A tip of the hat to The Sydney Morning Herald‘s television columnist Doug Anderson for calling it as it is in his column yesterday:

Front page of the day. Chicago’s Red Eye newspaper leads large with this front-page splash of the endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan:

The Department of Corrections. You’ve got to love a lunar correction. From yesterday’s Globe and Mail from Canada:

3600 complaints about Sun’s Prince Harry pics

“After looking at a lot of Prince Harry, a lot of people are now looking out for Prince Harry: Britain’s Press Complaints Commission has reportedly received thousands of complaints regarding publication of n-ked pictures of the third in line to the throne.” — The Los Angeles Times

Rupert Murdoch the movie?

“The story of Rupert Murdoch’s rise to become the world’s biggest media mogul looks set to become an Australian TV telemovie.” — mUmBRELLA

Football Federation Australia holds breath on TV rights deal

“Football Federation Australia and Fox Sports have moved a step closer to finalising the long-awaited television rights deal for Australian soccer following a further round of intense negotiations yesterday morning. “The Australian

Vietnam War correspondent who took iconic burning-monk photo dies

“Malcolm Browne — whose photos appeared on front pages around the globe and sent shudders all the way to the White House — died Monday at a New Hampshire hospital at age 81.” — The Washington Post