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Editor shopping? Is the rumour correct that when Amanda Wilson had the conversation with Fairfax management that led to her leaving her role as editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, she was offered the job as editor of The Canberra Times? If it is, Wilson didn’t bite — the Crimes editor remains Rod Quinn, who has been there for some years. There is debate in media circles about this rumour and the extent to which Quinn was aware of the possibility of a plan to replace him. We’ve tried calling Wilson but have not yet got a response. Know more? Drop us a line, and feel free to remain anonymous.

Fairfax certainly has a record of delegating well-performing management from the SMH and The Age to do time at the Crimes. Mark Baker went from The Age to be editor of The Canberra Times, and is now back in Melbourne as Fairfax national managing editor. The popular Peter Fray went from the SMH to be Crimes editor, returned to the SMH as editor-in-chief, and has now left Fairfax.

Green around the gills. We continue to hear whispers of narky behaviour as the Queensland Greens sort out their preselections for the federal election, and select their state executive. A mole reckons some negative comments have been posted online between the Greens’ factions, and “it’s causing some friction”.

Not the Tan! Can it be true that groups and personal trainers who run around “the Tan” (a popular track around the outside of Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens) will be made to pay up to $60 a pop? Help us get to the bottom of this assault on exercise!

UQ’s “Fresh” hearts the LNP. As University of Queensland students hit the barricades to reject their conservative ruling clique’s Fresh ethically-dubious bid to hold on to power, fresh evidence has emerged of just how close the group is to the LNP. Crikey has previously documented the direct lineage between the group and senior federal and state politicians, including George Brandis. Now, here’s the pictorial smoking gun — two Fresh leaders sitting proudly behind a poster of local LNP Indooroopilly MP Scott Emerson.

More student politics — Adelaide. We hear “there is a storm brewing over the University of Adelaide and its student elections (being held this week)”. Apparently some union members have called in the lawyers to argue the elections should be ruled invalid. The problem is, allegedly, that discount vouchers have been given to students who vote, and some insiders reckon that’s not authorised under union rules. They claim they were not told of the vouchers until it was too late. Why should we care? Apparently the election includes a “controversial referendum for constitutional change” and some insiders think the voucher ploy is about getting enough students to vote to reach the minimum required.

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