A lobbyist’s delight. Nothing, it seems, is etched in stone when it comes to the policy of this Labor government. The change on carbon trading is the latest example of yielding to pressure. The lobbying profession must be delighted as it senses that nothing is sacred.

Budget surplus next to go? Perhaps the promised budget surplus for this financial year will be the next thing jettisoned. Sportsbet, one of the country’s major bookmakers, certainly thinks so. It has a deficit for 2012-13 as a short priced favourite.

My new favourite pollster. I just cannot believe that public opinion moves as rapidly and as much as the two major newspaper pollsters keep reporting. I’m not sure what they are actually measuring but it cannot be any realistic voting intention.

If I have to put my faith in any pollster I am now opting for the Essential Report which reports only fractional changes most weeks. That makes sense to me.

Some news and views noted along the way.