Digital radio:

June Factor writes: Kate Dundas from the ABC and Joan Warner from commercial radio (yesterday, comments) may or may not be correct in their optimistic prognosis for digital radio. However, they are both mistaken when they suggest that their radio stations provide “equity of service delivery” and “audiences across all age groups”.

Neither system provides radio programs for children. Once, the ABC was an international leader in this field, creating innovative programs for a range of ages and interests, from the littlies in kindergarten to the feisty big kids. Even commercial radio had programs for children. Now there is nothing.

The first excuse for ending children’s broadcasting was television; then it was the internet. But if radio, despite these alternative platforms, continues to attract a large adult audience, why are children excluded?

NT election:

Mike Carey, National Indigenous Television (NITV) News, writes: Re. “How the bush was won: Country Libs get smart in NT” (yesterday, item 2).  If Bob Gosford had watched National Indigenous TV News in the week leading up to the election would have seen the bush swing to the CLP predicted on several occasions.

On Tuesday night, NITV News Canberra correspondent Jeremy Geia was adamant that voters would follow the personal trajectory of Alison Anderson from Labor to CLP.