Aug 27, 2012

UQ student leaders condemn “Fresh” union as administration swoops

Prominent student leaders at the University of Queensland have backed an inquiry to uncover skulduggery during this week's union elections.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Prominent student leaders at the University of Queensland have backed an inquiry to uncover alleged skulduggery during this week’s union elections as the UQ administration holds talks to probe the saga threatening to blot its St Lucia campus with the stench of corruption.

An open letter uploaded to the web over the weekend and signed by 25 student leaders from groups across the campus political spectrum, condemns the ruling “Fresh” group for changing party registration rules and then secretly reserving the name of their main progressive rival, Pulse.

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6 thoughts on “UQ student leaders condemn “Fresh” union as administration swoops

  1. Rebecca

    Excellent article! What a complete and utter farce. University’s response so far is incredibly weak.

  2. sottile6

    Thank you Crikey for exposing this corruption. Finally the facts start to emerge!

  3. Jim McDonald

    LNP dirty tricks neophytes in training….

  4. John Bennetts

    This is as much about UQ as it is about UQU.

    In my time in student politics, long ago and in another state, I never saw anything quite so blatant, despite elections being intense and dirty. Nice work, Crikey – the university had a chance to respond to your earlier articles, yet they seem to have sat on their hands. This story has a long way to run.

    The University of Queensland now has little alternative but to appoint an administrator, audit the actions of the outgoing management and then call a new election. Each of these is much more draconian and more expensive than would have been the case if the university’s initial response had been effective.

  5. Tim

    Check out the “Candidates Policy Statements” booklet posted on the union website: http://www.uqu.com.au/filelib/2012_UQU_Elections_Policy_Booklet.pdf

    Apparently the UQU has become a single party stalinist state… And they have the temerity to claim that they don’t waste union money…

    “We aren’t interested in spending money on radical or fringe political issues or otherwise push union funds towards useless political stunts. I do not believe that UQ Union can accurately represent the political views of an entire campus, and I fear that our opposition will suck this union dry as a means to advance their own political careers if given half the chance. ” (Rohan Watt’s statement).

  6. Gavin Moodie

    It is ironic that conservative student union politicians seem to be engaged in precisely the activities that conservative grown up politicians sought to ban in their voluntary student union legislation. Curiously, I haven’t read reports of any outrage by those old student politics warriors Abbott and Costello.

    The University of Queensland responded very slowly and inadequately to claims of nepotism in selecting a pre-med students last year. Unfortunately the university seems to have learned nothing, even with a new vc and dvc.

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