The future of digital radio

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3 thoughts on “The future of digital radio

  1. joanjett

    “If history shows that Assange is the boy who cried wolf in this instance, won’t that be far more damaging to his reputation than facing the s-xual assault charges (however unpalatable) of which he may be acquitted?”

    JA is not facing s-xual assault charges, he hasn’t been charged with anything. He is wanted for questioning, something which he has repeatedly offered to undergo, both when he was in Sweden, in London and now in the Ecuador embassy.

  2. Zeke

    The Future of Digital Radio? In my area (Newcastle) we don’t receive any DAB+ signals and won’t receive any until the Bandwidth is made available by the removal of Sydney Free-To-Air analogue FM TV channels probably some time after 2013. There’s a big part of the radio listening audience in NSW that hasn’t even experienced Digital Radio here in the Hunter. In my area, we are forced to listen to our ABC local radio on the AM band (2NC 1233) because there’s no FM channel within range. Future? We’re mired in the past, once again waiting for Sydney to get out of our way.

  3. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Mind you, in QLD, the digital radio only goes about 100kn from Brisbane. Outside of that, and want to hear the real world?
    Stuff you, back to The Country Millenium, and hearing farmers whinge

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