Aug 23, 2012

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78 thoughts on “Did I mention Juliar has been bullying the Mining Industry?

  1. Son of foro

    Here’s Tone’s latest effort. Is FD writing his notes as well?

    [Every dollar that goes on the carbon tax is a dollar less on services to patients.]

  2. Sharkie

    And to think just a couple of days ago Tony said he didn’t have a problem with women.

  3. SBH

    Your normally excellent characterisations were let down by no image of lip-licking.

  4. wyane

    It’s funny cos it’s true

  5. klewso

    Anyone else here, ever notice how he moves his lips whenever he’s “screwing the truth”?

  6. klewso

    The carbon tax makes him do that too.

  7. klewso

    “Slater & Gordon” didn’t they have a couple of other hits back in the 60’s?
    “World without Love”, “I go to pieces”, “WOMAN”?

  8. zut alors

    This bloke gives Rhodes scholars a bad name.

    No wonder the trainers rarely let him off the leash to do ABC interviews. Expect even fewer after this risible effort.

  9. drmick

    Well done First Dog.
    Truth is stranger than anything the stuttering scrotum can come up with; and its even better that a woman did it because he had that P Costello Jr smirk, as if it we an in joke with his mates. The smirk changed to the look in frame 2, (Oh Oh Have stacked my Daks), permanently, when he realised he had stacked his daks big time.

  10. Holden Back

    Giv’em enough rope . . .

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