Aug 23, 2012

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78 thoughts on “Did I mention Juliar has been bullying the Mining Industry?

  1. paddy

    Wonderful FD. A pure gold toon for a golden interview.

    Thank goodness (for Tony’s sake) she’s only the mother of one.
    Imagine if she’d had twins!!!

  2. Freja

    hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa omigod omigod haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr harhahahahahahahaha frikkin genius. Oh, I love your toonish ways First Dog.

  3. Steve777

    Was Tony Abbott accusing BHP of misleading the markets? While Tony knows for sure that it’s all about the Carbon Tax, BHP is coming up with all these pathetic excuses about industry-wide cost pressures, weaker commodity prices, instability in the Eurozone and slowdown of growth in China.

    Good work. Tony Abbott mostly talks rubbish. He should be challenged whenever he does.

  4. sustainable future

    the actual interview was worse. You make abbott look quite on the ball compared to his actual performance.

  5. The Rev Mountain

    The “I’m actually owning you” shot of Leigh Sales is priceless.

  6. Just Me

    That last frame is so sweet.

  7. Matthew of Canberra

    Clarke and Dawe could play that interview straight, and it would be as awesome and ridiculous as when tina fey did someting similar.

  8. The Pav

    Thank you FD

    Tony Abbott aka The Phony Habit .Australia’s answer to Sara Palin

  9. Bryannai Baillieu

    So if we have Juliar do we also now have Mr Marius Whoppers? Cause he must have been lying..

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