Aug 23, 2012

Antarctic melt alarm as scientists find ‘very unusual’ warming

Scientists have drilled 364 metres into Antarctic ice to complete the first ever comprehensive temperature record -- finding proof of "very unusual" and dramatic warming, reports Simon Copland of ANU.

Scientists have drilled 364 metres into ice to complete the first ever comprehensive temperature record of the Antarctic Peninsula — and they’ve found evidence of “very unusual” and dramatic warming over the last century.

The collapse of ice shelves in Antarctica has seen some of the most dramatic images of human-induced climate change. The collapse of the Prince Gustav and Larsen A Ice Shelves in 1995 and then the collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelve in 2002 stunned scientists, and provided vivid images of the potential future of the southern continent.

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34 thoughts on “Antarctic melt alarm as scientists find ‘very unusual’ warming

  1. wilful

    Guys we’re all on the internet here, can’t you provide at least one link to the research?

  2. floorer

    Hey Wilful, I just chose this line out of the article “Dr Robert Mulvaney from the British Antarctic Survey” then copy/ right click /hit search with google and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

  3. izatso?

    ……….. a frozen record of irrefutable climate change history ……… and not one fool down there with their head in the sand ………. Cool !


    It’s 100% certain that a horde of semi-literates will soon launch a hate campaign against these scientists and thereby fix the problem of climate change.

  5. Microseris

    Correlates with what has just been published about the big melt occurring in the Artic and Greenland.

  6. kakadu

    No, the semi-literates won’t even know about the research if the shock jocks don’t mention it

  7. Owen Gary

    Has anyone told Phoney yet.

  8. Owen Gary

    I can see it now, living in “Waterworld” with ole Phoney standing on a pontoon with a megaphone shouting to all & sundry ” dont worry it’s just a bit of inclement weather!

  9. izatso?

    Owen Gary, a Wormtongue, being ‘Sh*rk Sh*t’, would never get as far as the pontoon. Just a Phoney Phantasy, hey …….

  10. AR

    What is the point of all this facts & reality stuff? It doesn’t affect the audience of the shoutjocks or the “readers” of Mudorc’s mendacity machine and, unfortunately, they vote, indeed believe that they are obliged to do so.
    Poor Bugger, my Country.

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