A sad morning for the political circus. So Clive Palmer is not coming to Canberra as a politician. What a pity that his concern for the plight of boat people has caused him to abandon his plans to seek Liberal National Party preselection in Queensland. He would have added a touch of seriousness to political debate in the national capital.

I want to believe the correction. I was quite gob-smacked last night when I heard Tony Abbott say he had not actually read the BHP Billiton statement on the decision about Roxby Downs while continuing to assert that the abandonment was all the fault of those terrible Labor Party new taxes. It just sounded like the height of laziness from the man set to become our leader. For all our futures sake, I hope this morning’s correction that he had read the document before commenting on it is the correct version. A Prime Minister shooting from the lip would be a truly dangerous thing.

No uranium led revival. Factor into the future course of this graph the impact that adding a new world’s biggest source of uranium and the growing apprehension of Germans and Japanese about nuclear power and BHP Billiton’s Roxby Downs decision does not seem so strange.

Forbes has got them on its list. Julia Gillard heads the list of Australians to make the annual Forbes magazine list of the world’s most powerful women.

A scientific research report for the dayTraumatic mating may offer fitness benefits for female sea slugs.

A quote for the day.

“Aside from questions Ms Gillard is yet to answer about her legal work for former boyfriend and AWU boss Bruce Wilson, the imbroglio has provided an insight into the bubble that is modern Labor’s political base.

The ALP and the nation would be better served if politicians were drawn from a wider gene pool.”

— Editorial, The Australian, 23 August 2012

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