Aug 22, 2012

Get Fact: is Australia ‘going it alone’ on pricing carbon?

Tony Abbott likes to say that Australia is "going it alone" on pricing carbon. Is he right? We look at the facts.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Yesterday, chief climate commissioner Tim Flannery said Australians were being duped by “lies” propagated by opponents of government action on climate change.

“We’ve been misled here in Australia,” Flannery told AAP. He was referring in part to claims that “the world isn’t acting”, and perhaps had in mind the Coalition’s consistent line over the last year that Australia was “going it alone” on a carbon tax and an emissions trading scheme.

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58 thoughts on “Get Fact: is Australia ‘going it alone’ on pricing carbon?

  1. Jeepers

    I can’t fault your reasoning, but I’m nevertheless deeply disturbed that the Fib-o-matic in the picture at the bottom seems to have a scale that goes from MOSTLY RUBBISH to MOSTLY RUBBISH.
    Or from M to H I guess?

  2. drovers cat

    The easiest way to count nations doing something about cc is to check if they have a conservative govt. If they do, no amount of weasel words will hide the fact they will do nothing – including the so-called laughable ‘direct action’.

  3. Gavin Moodie

    I think Abbott is changing his criticism to alleging that Australia’s carbon price is the highest in the world, which seems to have more substance if one ignores the government’s subsidies.

    Aotearoa New Zealand has a conservative government yet it has an emissions trading scheme.

  4. sharman

    What the “flat earth society” also leaves out is that Australians are one of the biggest carbon emitters (polluters) on a per head of population basis.

  5. Suzanne Blake

    Flannery has been exposed for what he is, with his colourful cards on the card table outside a inner city coffee shop. He was exposed with his revelation on Sydney Dam, which he said would be empty by 2009, costing NSW Billions in a de-sal plant.

    The Dam has overflowed twice this year and the de-sal plant is rusting, switched OFF.

    Maeanshile Flannery collects his cash for comment income from the Government and live in a waterfront house at Copa Point on the Hawkesbury.

  6. Duncan Farrow

    SB – have you got anything besides “Look over there!!!?!!” ?

  7. rossco

    I would like to know whether Abbott and his cronies know that they are telling porkies and just don’t care or are they just really ignorant?

  8. Jimmy

    SB – So are you saying that because Flannery was wrong once and lives on the Hawkesbury all theses countries aren’t actually doing anything about climate change?

    I am surprised this report was even necessary any one with a computer can find a large number of countries with a price on carbon in seconds.

  9. Owen Gary

    SB = S**#y B**#H

  10. Gavin Moodie

    I suspect that the Coalition believes that it is exaggerating and that ‘exaggeration’ is acceptable in politics.

    There are, of course, numerous examples of Labor’s exaggeration. The most recent prominent example is Gillard turning Abbott’s correct but irrelevant observation that public schools get more public funding than private schools into a claim that Abbott plans to cut government school funding.

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