Aug 20, 2012

This is what the Right is expert at: smearing

It's unclear exactly what Julia Gillard is being accused of having done when she worked for Slater and Gordon. But smears of the Prime Minister are part of a long tradition from the Right in Australia.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Remember “Utegate”? The Prime Minister had been corrupted by the provision of a car. The Treasurer had provided special treatment for the PM’s mate. The media, and particularly News Limited, went into meltdown. The whole thing turned out to be the concoction of an embittered Liberal Party supporter inside Treasury.

Then there’s the Heiner Affair, a long-running claim that Kevin Rudd covered up child abuse in 1990. Angry right-wing bloggers continue to push this, with support from a News Ltd columnist.

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99 thoughts on “This is what the Right is expert at: smearing

  1. NeoTheFatCat

    What is really wrong, is that after loudly bellowing about alleged conspiracies and alleged wrong-doing which is subsequently found to be false, the media uncritically reports the next alleged conspiracy or alleged wrong-doing. Has no-one in the media heard about the story of the boy who cried wolf?

  2. Michael


    Oh but you miss the point young man.
    Gillard will be cooked slowly in her own juices not by the Liberals who simply need to eat popcorn and watch the floor show, but by Labor renegades from the ranks within.
    No one slices raw flesh like Labor and slice they will, especially when they finally realise what this hideous creature in the guise of a Prime Minister has done to their proud & ancient Party.
    The final capitulation & extinction of Labor cannot be far now.

  3. geomac62

    I thought the PM response to Kelly was appropriate and straightforward . Put up or shut of have been my less polite response to some vague , rehashed gossip that has been done and dusted . Kelly like Henderson has long since lost any cred or semblance of being a working journo .
    So lets get this in perspective . Kelly can question the PM about unspecified wrongdoing yet not state what she is alleged to have done ? The PM asks who put you up to it and thats an insult ? This isn,t some new scoop but something that even a mug punter like me is aware of and knows it has properly dealt with long ago yet a seasoned journo ” respected ” and so on brings it up .
    Where was Kelly asking questions when the rodent got his brother off the hook with taxpayers money is the question .

  4. cairns50

    who says paul kelly is a respected canberra journalist ?

    no hes not, hes nothing but another news ltd grub impersonating being a hack

    every one you mentioned in your article are not worth the price of a bottled water

  5. The Pav

    And remeber the outcry when itwas revealed the ALP was buiding up “dirt files” for the coming elecetion.

    The double standards are breat taking.

    I saw Gillard slap down Kelly and he desrved it and I wish she would do it more often.

    He bridled at the suggestion somebody was telling to ask questions & considered it a baseless cahrge yet was quite as ready to make allegations about “something” on the same lack of evidence.

    Disgusting. Perhaps he has been corrupted by the News Ltd machine

  6. klewso

    Mind over matter – don’t mind facts, they don’t matter.
    Even one of their own (up here in Q) has pointed out this pile of crap – then again after the bollocking, for pure mud-slinging politics, they got last time, what else could some of them do – trying to reclaim some sort of their credibility – but if your’re going to mix with pigs, expect flies?
    What more can you say? “Limited News” says it all.

  7. klewso

    When you say “Limited News” – you said it all.

  8. James K

    N – nothing
    E – ever
    W – worthwhile
    S – said.
    L – lets
    T – trash
    D – democracy

  9. Mark from Melbourne

    Unfortunately they are all playing the same game. AFR was calling it “the whole tawdry affair” and effectively ignoring the G&S press release. And tactics like “Gillard attended an auction….” apparently this is meant to be relevant but is really just a pretty scummy verbal.

    By all means, call a spade a spade and hold people accountable but these people need to a long hard look at the scummy tactics they use. It’s as if every one is trying to out do A Current Affair or This Day Tonight in the LCD journalism stakes..

  10. dazza

    This is an outrage. How dare the Prime Minister of Australia Not just sit there and answer questions, but then put a question to a journalist… and..and.. Make him cry.. maybe we do need that media inquiry right now!,
    Anyway, who influenced him to start digging, that’s what we really need to know??

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