Aug 17, 2012

Ecuador embraces Assange, but can he escape?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been granted diplomatic asylum by the government of Ecuador. But it will take a Houdini-like effort to get there.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The fallout from Ecuador’s decision to grant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange political asylum has already begun, mere hours after the decision was announced by Ecuadorian foreign minister Ricardo Patino, at a press conference in Quito.

In granting Assange political asylum to Ecuador, Patino noted that: “The government of Ecuador, after a fair and objective assessment of the situation described by Mr Assange, according to their own words and arguments, endorsed the fears of the appellant, and assumes that there are indications that it may be presumed that there may be political persecution, or could occur such persecution if measures are not taken timely and necessary to avoid it.”

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185 thoughts on “Ecuador embraces Assange, but can he escape?

  1. Limited News

    It is totally bizarre that the UK says it does not recognise the principle of diplomatic asylum, yet the United States did when it accepted a Chinese dissident into its protection earlier this year – and so must China – yes CHINA – implicitly, as they did not threaten to close down the US embassy and permitted the dissident’s escape to the US.

    But what is invading an embassy to the US & UK given they invaded Iraq in contravention of international law…

  2. [email protected]

    The Cuban activist Yoani Sanchez just tweeted that (17/8, 9am, rough translation) it seems like Assange being in the Ecuador embassy is like Robin Hood seeking refuge in the castle of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  3. Jimmy

    I wonder whether the Dad from Hey Dad! will now seek asylum in Ecuador?

  4. serpentjoe

    Nice to see young David stand up to 2.5 Goliaths.

  5. Monash.Edu

    Ah, there’s a second story, you say? And a balcony? Where’s a helicopter when you need one? And who’s got the Mission Impossible theme on a boombox?

    David Heslin

  6. Suzanne Blake

    Look like Assange is in for a stint in the Embassy for years.

    There is a solution:

    1. He gets the Swedish Authorities in and lets them interview him, so they clear up the issues and drop the charges, so he walks free.


    2. He picks a good time to leave the embassy in a garbage truck, when the Police outside are distracted by the soccer, Paralympics fireworks or something else.
    Then goes to a country without extradition, aka Patriot Games

  7. DingoBabyEat

    I feel some options have been overlooked here

    1) a tunnel

    2) a costume party

  8. cairns50

    at last a country with principles prepared to stand up to the stand over bullies from the west

    i have an idea , the austrlian government could handball him nauru or manus island, at least then the australian government will be forced in some way to look after him

    or at least our governments third will lackeys will, for money of course

    something up until now they have not been prepared to do

    congraulations mr president of equador

    once again shame on julia gillard bob carr and the australian government

    equador 10

    sweden, uk, usa @ australia 0

  9. Bohemian



    I wouldn’t mind betting the FSB (former KGB) were have to have been involved.

  10. Jimmy

    Bohemian – Was the Scarlet Pimpinel involved too?

    This saga just gets more ridiculous.

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