Aug 15, 2012

Senor Assange, a Panama hat, now where’s the chopper?

Ecuador will grant political asylum to WikiLeaks supremo Julian Assange, according to unconfirmed reports immediately denied. But the scenarios for Assange are starting to take shape.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle



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11 thoughts on “Senor Assange, a Panama hat, now where’s the chopper?

  1. Mike Smith

    Gait and facial recognition software are easy to defeat, albeit with some discomfort for the gait one.

  2. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    I don’t know about that, Mike. How do you get your eyes to be closer together and further from your ears and chin? Or do you just spend the day with one eye closed and your mouth hanging open? Yep, some discomfort.

  3. Mike Smith

    Ok, for gait recognition software, you put a pebble in one, or both shoes. Uncomfortable, but it throws off software that analyses gait. Facial, well, wear sunnies, and various other things that obscure your face. And alter what you do. It’s running off a CCTV system, so resolution and fps are not going to be motion-picture quality. Try and not do obscuring things that tend to make you stand out. : )

  4. ian dale

    easy Hugh-wear an Anonymous mask and walk with a limp.

  5. Liz45

    Good one! The sooner they get him out of there the better. The US would be really p****d off! Tough!

  6. John Newton

    I’m not giving up on this – there’s no such effing word as Senor – it’s Señor – the Spanish fought the EU to keep their little enya, the least Crikey can do is to respect it

  7. AR

    Anyone dumb enough to say amerika has no interest in Assange, say.. just as an example, the Federal government, used Carr, Roxon et al…, might care to explain the comment, within hours of the Grauniad story, from the benighted states that Ecuador could expect problems with trade.

  8. Warren Joffe

    Just guessing but I wouldn’t be surprised if people could use face masks of the
    kind I confess to only knowing from movies which have someone (usually a villain)
    revealing himself by peeling the mask off.

    But shouldn’t we also expect that sophisticated software would be able to detect
    with fair probablility whoever may be using a variety of disguises so they can
    be examined individually?

  9. Warren Joffe

    I’ve just discovered, amongst life’s serious trivia, that one can leave a page of
    Crikey open for many hours, come back and write one’s reply, then find you’re reply
    is a long way below what you intended to reply to……

    So now, responding to other comment, I can’t help adding my enthusiastic
    cheer for those who are (presumably) planning to get Assange out of the UK
    and safely to Ecuador. How he gets safely from there to Australia, as,
    also presumably, he would want, may be quite a story. On the one hand avoidance of
    CIA or private contractors’ surveillance to ensure no kidnap en route would
    tale some planning and sophisticated skills. On the other the idea of the US
    expecting to get away with treating Assange as Israel treated Eichmann seems
    absurd. Although no more absurd than the stupid pieties of those who don’t see
    a problem for an Australian being tried in the US, or most foreign countries for
    that matter, and even sillier, think his priorities ought to be to go to Sweden
    “to clear his name”!!!!!

  10. Hales Mke

    I never thought I’d say this, but the longer this goes on and the more determined the west is to get Assange, the more inclined I am to believe there just might be a conspiracy.

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