In June, Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood announced a dramatic plan to shed 1900 jobs in a bid to slash the company’s costs. Applications for voluntary redundancies have closed and it’s clear an enormous amount of talent — and experience — is leaving the company.

Crikey is compiling a list of editorial staff who have announced or confirmed their departure, and we’ll be keeping it updated as the names roll in …

The Sydney Morning Herald / The Sun-Herald
  • Peter Fray (editor-in-chief)
  • Amanda Wilson (editor)
  • Mark Coultan (deputy editor)
  • Peter Kerr (executive editor — leaving in October)
  • David Marr (senior writer)
  • Adele Horin (columnist and journalist)
  • Malcolm Brown (journalist)
  • Judy Prisk (readers’ editor)
  • Andrew Stevenson (education editor)
  • Jen Rosenberg (education reporter)
  • Hamish McDonald (Asia-Pacific editor)
  • Greg Bearup (Good Weekend feature writer)
  • Fenella Souter (Good Weekend feature writer)
  • Janet Hawley (Good Weekend feature writer)
  • Nikki Barrowclough (Good Weekend feature writer)
  • Eliza Compton (Good Weekend chief subeditor)
  • Joel Gibson (opinion editor)
  • Cynthia Banham (diplomatic editor)
  • Greg Hassall (The Guide editor)
  • Doug Anderson (TV reviewer)
  • Bruce Elder (popular culture writer)
  • Ian Verrender (senior business columnist)
  • Scott Rochfort (“CBD” business columnist)
  • Elisabeth Sexton (senior business writer)
  • Leonie Lamont (business reporter)
  • Annette Sampson (personal finance editor)
  • Vita Palestrant (Money editor)
  • Matthew Moore (urban affairs editor)
  • Geesche Jacobsen (legal affairs reporter)
  • Deborah Smith (science editor)
  • Clare Morgan (arts editor)
  • Lynne Dwyer (arts journalist)
  • Joyce Morgan (arts journalist)
  • Wendy Frew (arts journalist)
  • Charles Purcell (arts journalist)
  • Julie Robotham (health editor)
  • Mark Metherell (health correspondent)
  • Julian Lee (media writer)
  • Matt Buchanan (senior writer and Diary editor)
  • Fiona McGill (News Review editor)
  • Mari Gibson (Domain journalist)
  • Elicia Murray (Spectrum deputy editor)
  • Debra Jopson (senior writer)
  • John Huxley (senior writer)
  • David Humphries (senior writer)
  • Paola Totaro (former Europe correspondent)
  • Helen Greenwood (food writer)
  • Kelly Burke (journalist)
  • Steve Meacham (journalist)
  • Catharine Munro (journalist)
  • Robert Wainright (journalist)
  • Ellie Harvey (journalist)
  • Emily Dunn (journalist)
  • Jennie Curtin (deputy chief of staff)
  • Jennifer Cooke (former legal affairs reporter)
  • Daniel Dasey (special reports editor)
  • Sacha Molitorisz (feature writer)
  • Chris Henning (leader writer)
  • Josh Rakic (sports journalist)
  • Greg Prichard (sports journalist)
  • Michael Cockerill (sports journalist)
  • Michael Cowley (sports journalist)
  • Greg Growden (chief rugby correspondent — leaving after football finals)
  • Craig Young (racing journalist)
  • Greg Bakes (designer)
  • Rob Mills (page editor)
  • Nadia Jamal (deputy editor – The Sun Herald )
  • David Knox (senior editor – The Sun Herald)
  • Mari Gibson (Domain editor – The Sun Herald)
  • Jim O’Rourke (journalist – The Sun Herald)
  • Terry Smythe (journalist – The Sun Herald)
  • Quentin Jones (photographer)
  • Jon Reid (photographer)
  • Steve Christo (photographer)
  • Simon Alekna (photographer)
  • Dom Postiglione (photographer)
  • Mags King (features photo editor)
  • Jessica Irvine (economics writer; moving to News Limited and understood not to have taken redundancy)
  • Joshua Dowling (motoring editor; moving to News Limited and understood not to have taken redundancy)
The Age / The Sunday Age
  • Paul Ramadge (editor-in-chief)
  • Misha Schubert (political editor – The Sunday Age)
  • Karen Kissane (Europe correspondent)
  • Kirsty Simpson (media editor)
  • Lorna Edwards (“Melbourne Life” editor)
  • Ray Cassin (senior writer)
  • Andrew Cooke (news editor)
  • Tom Ormonde (senior subeditor)
  • Ian Davidson (subeditor)
  • Shaun Carney (associate editor)
  • Carolyn Jones (foreign editor)
  • Simon Mann (ex-Washington correspondent)
  • Mike van Niekerk (weekday editor)
  • Paul Millar (police reporter)
  • Caroline Milburn (education reporter)
  • Reid Sexton (state politics reporter)
  • Patrick Smithers (executive news editor)
  • Robin Usher (arts writer)
  • Ken Merrigan (education editor)
  • Seamus Bradley (associate editor – The Sunday Age)
  • Tom Hyland (international editor – The Sunday Age)
  • Rachel Gubby (senior editor – The Sunday Age)
  • Roslyn Guy (associate editor)
  • Raymond Gill (senior arts writer)
  • Ian Munro (senior writer)
  • Gary Munro (senior editor)
  • Gabriella Coslovich (senior writer)
  • Jo Chandler (senior writer)
  • Gary Tippet (senior writer)
  • Nicole Brady (senior writer)
  • Julie Szego (senior writer)
  • Martin Blake (sports writer — will leave after AFL Finals)
  • Andrew Eddy (racing editor — will leave after Spring Carnival)
  • Farah Farouque (Law and Justice Editor)
  • Gerry Carman (senior journalist)
  • Philip Hopkins (business writer)
  • Ian McIlwraith (business writer)
  • Fran Atkinson (Green Guide deputy editor)
  • Veronica Ridge (Life & Style editor)
  • Andrew Heasley (motor industry reporter)
  • Frank Maiorana (artist)
  • Judy Green (designer)
  • Christina Carter (designer)
  • Viki Lascaris (images editor)
  • Craig Sillitoe (photographer)
  • John Woudstra (photographer)
  • Craig Abraham (photographer)
  • Rodger Cummins (photographer)
  • Mark Ellis (deputy arts editor)
  • David Dick (iPad editor; will leave early next year)
  • Andrew Murfett (Green Guide editor)
The Australian Financial Review
  • Roger Johnstone (weekend editor)
  • Deirdre Macken (columnist)
  • Derry Hogue (foreign editor)
  • Marguerite Winter (The Australian Financial Review Magazine deputy editor)
  • Barrie Dunstan (columnist)
  • Mark Fenton-Jones (special reports editor)
  • Michael Fitzjames (illustrator)
The Canberra Times 
  • Ian Sharpe (cartoonist)
  • Graham Downie (reporter, will leave in October)
  • Diana Streak (arts editor)
  • Gillian Lord (features editor)
  • Gia Metherell (literary editor)
  • Robert Messenger (sub and columnist)
  • Richard Mihaich (chief sub-editor for 16 years, recently chief sub of features)
  • Mick Seale (former world editor)
  • Rossyln Beeby (environment reporter)
  • Peter Mayoh (photographic department)
  • Gary Schaefer (photographer)
*If you know any departures not on the list, you can contact us anonymously here

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