Front Page of the Day. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced over the weekend that his running mate for November’s election is Paul Ryan — a Republican from Wisconsin. The Journal Sentinel, the newspaper of Wisconsin’s capital Milwaukee, covered the announcement yesterday:

The Department of Corrections. It appears the Dallas Morning News got a little confused about its large sinking ships, correcting the record for this Titanic gaffe:

Guardian Media Group loses of £75.6m

“Guardian Media Group (GMG) has announced its full-year financial results, showing a £75.6 million pre-tax loss for the year ending 1 April 2012.” —

Two Syrian journos killed

“Two Syrian journalists have been killed in the capital, Damascus. SANA News Agency says its reporter was killed at his home and a second journalist was killed in a bomb explosion.” — Digital Journal

CNN & Time writer suspended for plagiarism

“Time magazine has suspended Fareed Zakaria’s column for a month after learning that portions of his Aug. 20 Time magazine article about gun control bore strong similarities to Jill Lepore’s New Yorker about the NRA.” — Poynter

Usain Bolt also the quickest on Twitter

“Usain Bolt’s successful defense of his 200m title, his second gold following his 100m victory at the London Olympics, led to so much discussion on Twitter that it set a new record during the Games, with a heady 80,000 tweets per minute flurry during his win.” — All Twitter