Aug 13, 2012

Abbott’s Cape York listening tour falls on deaf eyes

Tony Abbott spent the weekend doing his brand of a "listening tour" by rolling up his sleeves up and helping renovate a school library in the small Cape York community of Aurukun.

Chris Graham

Tracker managing editor

Tony Abbott spent the weekend doing his brand of a “listening tour” by rolling up his sleeves up and helping renovate a school library in the small Cape York community of Aurukun.


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11 thoughts on “Abbott’s Cape York listening tour falls on deaf eyes

  1. Merve

    Your last sentence hits the nail on the head. One thing we don’t do is listen.

  2. cairns50

    great article chris, tony abbott and noel pearson being cut from the same cloth says it all

    fancy him having the gall to take a senior exeuctive from rio tinto with him, they had the qld government do there dirty work many many years ago by having the traditional owners forcibly removed from there lands so the weipa bauxite mine could go ahead

    does anybody remember COMALCO ?

  3. Chris Graham

    From memory Cairns50, didn’t senior members of the Bjelke-Petersen government also get gifted a large quantity of shares for their assistance?

  4. CliffG

    Abbott is all stunts and no’s.
    And people are getting tired of it.
    And now for the Houston Asylum Seeker Panel Report. Morrison already trying to gloss over it by bleating, “See Houston agrees. The government should just have done what we told them to do.” Yeah. We remember that. That’s what lost Howard his seat in Bennelong!
    Nauru, bribing the PM with Melbourne medical treatment and hotel stays,and no mention of human rights then, or legal or media access or of them NOT being signatories of the UN Refugee protocols.
    Suddenly, desperate for power, Morrison has discovered human rights and decency. Too late for Cornelia Rau and Vivien Solon!

  5. cairns50

    thats correct chris

    im from cairn originally , it didnt come out until many many years later just what happened up there

    they burn down the aborginal communties huts housing whatever and forcibly removed them to the other side of the gulf

    the aborginal community at weipa at that time did not want to leave there tradional lands

    thats the way things were done in those days

    how a senior exeuctive from rio tinto could even have the gall to go with abbott just goes to show that they have no shame, then again he probably wouldnt even be aware of what occured, but someone in rio tinto would

  6. jchercelf

    this is what needs to happen. The following refers to a headline in the SMH last week,Dear Editor,

    As usual your story about the recent ..’Aboriginal Literacy drive failing the test,’ (SMH august 9) apparently did not result in even a ripple of interest from other letter writers,

    Think of the great success story of education in rural and remote Australia in ‘the old days’ – ‘School of the Air’ – now add image to voice with the NBN – and lessons will
    be dramatic, fun and interactive. The NBN will be rolled out via satellite to reach distant places far sooner than cable can reach the rest of us.

    Think that the lessons of the best teachers may be turned by people like Chis Anderson of TEDx into video he called ‘The Magic Blackboard’
    – one great instructor for thousands? The possibilities are mind-boggling

    This is not only possible it is do-able in this vast country and the red herring ‘teacher shortage’ can be wiped out.

    Yours etc,

    Dr) Joan Croll
    1/26 St Georges Cr.
    Drummoyne 2047

    02) 9181-4543

  7. klewso

    You mean “Abbo’s” supposed to do the “listening” bit?
    With his prejudices and infallibility? Good luck with that.
    And, that list – how many cameras did he take, to capture his moments?

    [Same m.o. as the Brisbane flood aftermath :- given a broom, by “the owner”, of the house he’d dropped in to be seen interested, to be caught, brushing some mud off a wall – for the cameras – then gave it back, as soon as they’d gotten “enough” (Mediawatch had the full footage?).]

    What is he if not “stunted”.

  8. Waste of Time

    Well said Cairns50, and by ” in those days” of course you mean the 19th century and all those bad colonials, and while we feel deep and sincere regret… oh hang on, you mean the mid 60s which is damn close to my lifetime and well within the living memory of lots of others.

    Maybe Abbott could help more by listening to a history lesson? If the media orgy is as Chris suggests then my strong suspicion is that the whole thing would seem to be about Abbott, not philanthropy.

  9. cairns50

    the person who would know all about it and should no better is noel pearson

    lets face it, like chris says the only time abbott seems to worry about or put indigineous affairs on his political agenda is when he goes up to cape york to catch up with noel pearson, with a large media scrum in his wake

    im not perfect but i know right from wrong and there is one thing that i am sure of

    to put it bluntly tony abbott is simply not the sort of person who could be prime minister of this country


  10. Sue11

    Isn’t Cape Yorke covered by the Wild Rivers legislation that is locking up mine expansion in the area? And aren’t Tony Abbott and Noel Pearson wanting to repeal this legislation so they can develop the area? Maybe that was the point of the visit by Mr Abbott and his business friends.

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