Aug 10, 2012

Fresh data shows carnage across newspaper and mag sales

Fresh data shows plummeting sales among newspapers and magazines -- although there are a few standouts which are holding their ground.

Newspapers, as any one who reads them knows, love bad news – except when it comes to themselves.


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6 thoughts on “Fresh data shows carnage across newspaper and mag sales

  1. Gavin Moodie

    I enjoy these reports, but wonder when they will be replaced by reports of website hits

  2. Pete from Sydney

    Crikey must be overjoyed at the alleged demise of newspapers?

  3. Mike Smith

    “Another such victory and we will be undone!” – Phyrrus, King of Epirus

    Pass the popcorn, I want to watch this.

  4. David Spice

    Why do newspaper managements keep proclaiming the success of a transition to losses? It is truly weird. The online numbers are not worth anything at all. Even the AFR, which seems to be claiming net growth, is faking it. (because their online growth is all free of payment- its just the effect you get when you give something away that was charged for)
    The nasty moment is coming when the cost of news has to be borne by web sites. Which is why the axes are being sharpened.

  5. Bill Hilliger

    As newspaper ansd magazine sales dwindle, maybe there will be an uptick in intelligence. We live in hope.

  6. Edward James

    I am wondering what are the numbers on Most of us are paying to access and use this site. Edward James

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