Aug 9, 2012

Facebook at centre of convergence

There'll be growing pressure on governments to regulate social media like traditional media as more Australians use it. But Tony Abbott and the Coalition seem lost on the issue.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

And so, it appears, not all media regulation is an assault on free speech.

Tony Abbott this morning managed to dodge commenting on the “Aboriginal meme” Facebook page by invoking a Coalition taskforce that is looking at social media, including “stronger take down powers for the regulator”.

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22 thoughts on “Facebook at centre of convergence

  1. CliffG

    Abbott – credibility gap, AAA hypocisy rating. Just swinging about, looking for dog-whistle issues and then changing when he finds he’s lost his mongrel!

  2. Charles Dodgson

    I’m just tired of Abbott.

  3. John Bennetts

    Well brought together.

    I was aware of Facebook’s issues regarding brea_t feeding and the other issues mentioned, however to get them all together in one place is excellent.

    Abbott has again launched himself blindly into a discussion and has again shown his tendency to shallow thinking and short term goals, such as the 24 hour media cycle.

    If only more of our media didn’t accept that yesterday’s news is stale and instead followed issues through to their conclusion.

  4. floorer

    Abbott talks as his guts guides him.

  5. floorer

    re Facebook and breastfeeding mothers comment, a small attribution would been have nice lol. That’s a joke BUT I did mention it yesterday.

  6. sean

    The aboriginalmemes page was shut down, so a new one is up. Clearly this is feeding the egos of a few small-minded idiots. Concerned readers might want to join the facebook group trying to get facebook to comply with its own standards.

  7. The Pav

    “Putting aside Abbott’s hypocrisy “……….

    Sorry but you can’t do that with Abbott.

    If you do there’s nothing left…..ZIP ……NADA………NOTHING

  8. Holden Back

    But he knocked that twitter thingy out of the park #asktony

  9. CML

    Facebook is a menace – full stop.
    Free speech should never be an excuse for denigration and discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, age, sexuality, etc. – NOT EVER!!
    Okay – so Facebook is run by people in that bastion of anti-racial countries, the USA. You say we can’t do anything about that. Well what’s wrong with doing something about the 16 year old grub from Perth, Australia, who started all this in the first place? No doubt a poor little rich kid who is untouchable!

  10. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    By the way, I couldn’t believe my ears when I was listening to Conroy regarding Facebook: “The Internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it”. That’s what people have been telling him since he came out with his censorship plan some years ago. Has he finally seen the light?

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