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Aug 8, 2012




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38 thoughts on “Campbell’s Queensland today, Abbott’s Australia tomorrow! Woohoo!

  1. drmick

    You have captured the Gnome superbly FD; even down to his familial financial advisers smirk. Used to be you turned your watch back and hour and twenty years when you flew in to the white shoe capital of the world; now you turn it back an hour and 30 years and tell them at the gate that you are going to Barcaldine to back Joh in race four, “The Prime Ministers Stakes”.

  2. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Please tell me the asterisk next to “The Running of the Irukandji” is a typo. They’ve already made as far south as Fraser Island. If all it takes is ten grand to have them run under the Story Bridge who can begrudge that?

  3. klewso

    “Where else but Queensland” – under Manuel Newman – talking down the state of the economy so that when he turns it round (which won’t be as hard as he makes out) he’ll be able to play Hercules?

  4. paddy

    Agree with the good Doctor.
    Not even Rembrandt could have captured the “essence of Cam” as well as you have today FD. (You also do a bloody good line in asterisks)

  5. zut alors

    I am greatly disgruntled that the cockroach and cane toad racing industries have been totally overlooked. These are exemplary sports where the use of the whip has been banned.

    PS. Mr Onthemoon has actually flattered the Mayor of Qld with this portrait – honestly, he’s not that fetching.

  6. Mike Jones

    FDotM – portraitist to the political classes. Technique, draw on your own thumb. Photocopy. Brill.

    Does reading Qld budgets come with a mental health warning ? Reckon it should.

  7. Mike Jones

    Zut, would it help if we sent a few gruntles over to your place ?

  8. Andrew L

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  9. Simon

    Clarification required… Is Campbell Newman portrayed in this piece as an (idealogical) “hate-boner”???

  10. Danny Lewis

    Do I have a dirty mind or have you drawn him to look like a gigantic penis?

    PS If you have, good on you.

  11. Firstdog


  12. Venise Alstergren

    Congratulations to the chef! Seldom have I seen a greater likeness between the subject and the portrait in my life. Definitely worthy of being entered into the Archibald Prize.

    I thought gangrene to be a necessary condition to becoming a nun? One of the rites of passage, as it were?

  13. Andrew L

    …and the asterisks resemble…

  14. Andybob

    Pffft, we thought of it first in Victoria. TAFES: no, Bernie Eccleston’s car race: yes
    Also if anyone’s penis looks like Campbell Newman they should seek medical assistance fast.

  15. Lawson Alan

    The fiscal jihad was 20 years in the making. It’s obvious many are delusional about this simple fact.

    Basically most of these services/events shouldn’t even be subsidised by government. As citizens we are more than able to direct our income to services/events we believe is of value.

    Of course when it falls upon us as individuals we are restrained by this thing called a “household budget”. There is absolutely nothing different at a State, Federal or Global level.

    The age of entitlement is over, so the sooner we admit to past excess and deal with it swiftly the better.

  16. Andybob

    What a lovely simple world you live in Lawson Alan, if that really is your name.

  17. Bill Hilliger

    Many Queenslanders believe that Campbell Newman taking viagra would make him grow taller.

  18. Lawson Alan

    Well Andy, or Bob, its like dieting really. We all know it takes exercise and good eating, yet delude ourselves by thinking magic pills and/or ineffective, unsustainable diets work. Yes, it really is that simple.

    And to gauge the wonderful work of government, look no further that the chart in today’s AFR article “States hit back at PM’s power play”. It’s quite obvious governments don’t run things very well. In this case, they can barely break even while ripping off their own constituents.

    Running with the above analogy, perhaps we should introduce a fat tax? We can run it like the private health insurance rebate scheme, whereby government waives the tax if you join a health club – not that that would force up fees on health clubs, would it?

    Jokes aside, the biggest fallacy of all is that of not asking the question of what truely are the direct and long term consequences of any government policy. And we nor the politicians rarely do.

    Policies may seem humane, generous and moral on the surface, but contrary to what was intended, in most cases they have the reverse effect and other unintended consequences. It is rare that this is not the case.

    So while I may seem to live in a “simple world”, it is only because the truth is really that simple. As soon as you stray from that you must deny the truth.

  19. Plonkoclock

    Andybob, I believe he is speaking of the column on the right.. Maybe with the exception of the nun thing..

  20. klewso

    Remember Alien – Kane’s (John Hurt) “chest-expander”?

    [There’s a bit of a difference between household and “state budgets” – though that sort of simplicity seems to appeal to some, with their simplistic barrows to push?
    And the GFC (which has delivered this state of economic affairs more than anything else) was not all that long ago – that’s taken all economies under, some deeper than others.
    Services cannot be afforded at equal levels across society, with different levels of affluence – that’s why we pay taxes, to provide them. Like education, health, defence, transport/roads etc – we don’t all use them, but we (as a cohesive society) do need them, so the cost is spread across that society.]

  21. Venise Alstergren

    Outback Horse and Heritage Festival. Neigh?

  22. Plonkoclock

    Klewso, there’s really no point.. It’s like a religion to them, and no amount of rational discussion will move them even one degree..

  23. Holden Back

    It’s obvious, to me at least, that Campbell Newman is portrayed as naked mole rat. What about his brother Gary?

  24. robj

    I thought you made the Rambler’s Ukelele one up too, but truth is stranger…

  25. klewso

    I like his other brother Alfred E. more – at least he shows more sense?

  26. syzygium

    My first impression was that Newman was one of those time-traveller worm things from Dune. I might be wrong, but perhaps his powers to turn the clock back 30 years are stronger than we think.

    Mr. Alan, I believe we citizens direct our money to large-screen TVs, giant caravans, pornography, drugs, fast boats, diamonds and other similar things we see “of value”. Do you have evidence to the contrary? When I get a fat paycheck, I sadly don’t think of gangrenous nuns, but I’m glad I have a government that collects taxes and does.

  27. John64

    Typical First Dog, making light of what are very serious issues…

    Jumpers and Jazz in July is a much needed Festival!! And Ramblers Post Equinox Skydiving & Music Festival is far, far, far more important than cancer.

    Besides, nobody likes cancer. So why should we fund it?

  28. drmick

    Wonder what type of container developers and miners will leave their cash in to get an audience with Premier Glans?
    The former dictator preferred his to be left in paper bags. Condoms perhaps? or maybe under a rainbow in a pot?
    Wonder how long it will be unsealed roads around his properties become sealed roads 5ks either side of the entry gate?
    Even people in a simple world have functioning frontal lobes and remember what ideological reverse socialism looks like. Next stop Canberra; dont you worry about that!

  29. Worrierqueen

    Cantdo’s already shed 20% of his support in Ashgrove (down from 51 to 42%) in just 3 months. At this rate he will be at 0% by mid next year. There’s no doubt about it, he’s a modern day Bismarck.

  30. drovers cat

    I jokingly (sort of) referred to him as Premier Bonaparte on a website t’other day. Lo and behold a blog came back saying his staff were saying he was referring to himself as Napoleon … nice to know i can agree with him one one thing …
    Anyone know who owns Elba these days …?

  31. zut alors

    Drover’s Cat, they have several common attributes including dearth of height.

  32. drovers cat

    Yes, Zut, and I’ll be watching for that sleight-of-hand-into-tunic move – retrieving pink slips perhaps …

  33. Andybob

    The capacity for unintended consequences is one way in which government budgeting is different from household expenditure. When I make a decision, it doesn’t move the market.

  34. klewso

    D. Cat : Manuel :- “Iss not rat Mr Fawlty, iss Siberian hh-amster”

  35. klewso

    He was from Spain too – the same place our Manuel got his “economics degrease”?

  36. Peter Ormonde

    Curse you Mr Dog.

    You have given me symptomatic prostate cancer …. now every time I unzip to unleash I am confronted by Campbell Newdman lurking away down there and I just can’t go.

  37. Boo

    Well, Campbell is a conservative member?

  38. Mike Jones

    Newman could easily be mistaken for a country member.

    Nice piece of Newman digital mischief over at the Pig’s Arms.

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