Aug 7, 2012

How Bolt got Abbott to start the Freedom Wars

Andrew Bolt is poised for victory in his crusade to repeal sections of the Racial Discrimination Act after Tony Abbott committed to changing the law. Andrew Crook and Matthew Knott report.

Conservative commentator Andrew Bolt is poised for victory in his crusade to repeal sections of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act after dinner buddy Tony Abbott committed to changing the law when the Coalition ascends to government.


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64 thoughts on “How Bolt got Abbott to start the Freedom Wars

  1. klewso

    As long as Abbott is prepared to clean up after the sort of intolerance Blott nurtures, that’s fine.

  2. Apollo

    Good call from Marr. “offends” should not be in there but insulting, humiliating and intimidating people on the basis of race, sex, colour or religion is not on.

  3. klewso

    And let’s face it “freedom of speech” is much better when you control the megaphone?

    [A case of “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch their eyes out!” please?”

    And Danby’s a mate of his?

    Last night’s Q&A the politicians told us how awful it was the personal nature of “political debate” in this country, and how they don’t do it, before they started tearing strips off each other – “Where do the public get their awful attitude from?” Now one of those sides is “adopting” Blott – because he writes for them? Where indeed do “the public” get this confronting attitude from if not at the nurturing of the likes of Blott and his sponsors, from his pulpit?]

  4. geomac62

    What about the fact that Bolt didn,t do proper research and maligned people based on falsehoods ? I don,t think free speech is for changing the race of parents if that suits the agenda of an article but isn,t factual . Our little aussie Afrikaaner loves the spotlight but losing court cases isn,t his favourite way of doing it .
    I cannot comprehend why people pay attention to people like Bolt or Alan Jones but obviously they have an audience but its surely not entertainment so what is it ? The race oriented underbelly of sections in Australia I suspect . Must be a boring life if thats what floats their boat .

  5. Hindrum Cameron

    I find it a stretch at best to consider that this case was ever about free speech. Bolt was unstuck by his shoddy research. I suspect he thinks that research isn’t all that important when you know you’re always right, but anyone who actually considers himself a journalist will recognise and perhaps even acknowledge arguments that may challenge a given point of view.

    So the question here is: does Bolt consider himself a journalist? His methods need to reflect to this–changing the law so that he can publish poorly informed, badly researched invective as fact–which, let’s face it, is exactly what he tried to do with the article that landed him in court–is surely the worst example of cutting off our nose to spite our right hand.

  6. michael in melbourne

    I’m all for freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give people the right to say or write things that are factually incorrect and then to use those fallacies to push their own vested interest.

  7. drmick

    A responsible person would be embarrassed and remorseful at being proven to have offended, humiliated, insulted and intimidated anyone.
    Not this mob and their pin up boy. This behaviour is standard Noberal policy and is part of the limited news style guide. Mudrakes tactics in Britain were to break the law and they are determined to do the same here; barefacedly telling the people they are humiliating, intimidating, insulting and offending, that it is for their own good. WTF?

  8. Edward James

    There is a movement outlined on this site http://www.youmeunity.org.au/ calling for changes to those sections of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 to remove those parts which still discriminate against first Australians. Edward James

  9. AuFozzy

    Slightly off topic, I’m pleased to see David Marr writing a Quarterly Essay on Tony Abbott. He wrote one on Malcolm Turnbull just before he was deposed. Similarly for Kevin Rudd. I live in hope.

  10. Matthew Knott

    @AUFOZZY. FYI Annabel Crabb wrote the QE on Turnbull; Marr wrote on Rudd.

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