Aug 6, 2012

‘Unproductive old cow’, say one-dimensional old men

The latest example of misogynist abuse of the Prime Minister illustrates how she angers a certain type of male.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

David Farley, CEO of Australian Agriculture Company, is only the latest middle-aged white male to have a problem with Julia Gillard. He’s the one who called the Prime Minister “an unproductive old cow” last week while discussing new techniques for animal slaughter.

Farley, evidently the real victim here, complained he was “taken out of context”, although what “context” would perform the rhetorical alchemy of transforming his misogynist remarks into something anodyne isn’t clear. Then again, “taken out of context” has become one of those all-purpose excuses when someone has been caught out. Next, Farley will “apologise to anyone who was offended”.

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80 thoughts on “‘Unproductive old cow’, say one-dimensional old men

  1. Gocomsys

    Hard working PM. Good policies. That’s all that matters. Anyone have a problem with that? Tough!

  2. Patrick Bowman

    Male politicians are usually pretty keen to depict themselves as “family men”. I’m wondering how many of our senior male politicians are unmarried, or married and deliberately childless.

  3. Mike Flanagan

    Well bloody said Bernard.
    It is about time someone looked at these attitudes with some honesty and clarity.

  4. cairns50

    you missed one important point bernard when describing in the main who were the main offenders with this despicable attacks on the pm

    99% could be be safely called


  5. paddy

    Well done with that excellent rant Bernard.

  6. Noodle Bar

    What strikes me is how revealing and honest those men are – making their hate spite and fear of women very clear. Women are seeing what they are in for and what they are up against as they move into positions of seniority.

    Having said that, whenever I read such things in the paper, I always wonder how much if any sex that particular fellow is going to get the next time (or ever again) he goes home to his wife/other female.

  7. Michael Rae

    Les Carlyon wrote the book on Gallpoli, not Patrick.

  8. Alan Wearne

    One particularly prominent PM-basher is far more interested in rough trade boys…

  9. drovers cat

    Fortunately, PM Powerfox is not swayed by such infantile, sexist utterings from, yes, old white males.
    Unfortunately, old white males still run most of our media – but this, too, shall pass
    btw Mr Brandis, ‘SC’ in your case stands for someone else altogether.

  10. lindsayb

    Interesting that many (if not most) of those who work with PM Gillard say she is good to work with/for – intelligent, consults, listens, works hard, and is an effective leader. If you ignore the opinion of the rabble who call themselves reporters and the hysterial screeching from Lib/Abbott stooges, she has got a pretty good record for getting things done.
    I wonder how many of those who denigrate her would get the same praise from their employees. Most of them come across as being prize arseholes.

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