Tiser incorrectly names murdered man. When you publish that a man was murdered in what was “believed to be in a drug dispute” and that man is the son of a prominent businessman, you’d better get the name correct. Yet the Adelaide Advertiser failed to do just that in its Saturday edition. Here’s the opening paragraph in Steve Rice’s page 5 story:

This morning the Advertiser ran this correction:

Front page of the day. The men’s 100-metre sprint — the marquee event of the Olympics and won again this morning by Jamaican sensation Usain Bolt with an Olympic record of 9.63 seconds — produces some remarkable front pages. Today’s UK Times is no exception:

The Department of Corrections. And speaking of Bolt, the below August 4 correction from the International Herald Tribune is Crikey‘s favourite newspaper correction of Olympics reporting thus far and, by referencing Bolt, Ludacris and Dre, it’s probably the coolest too:

TT journo quits

Today Tonight reporter Jonathan Creek has quit following a six-week suspension, amid claims he sold information to magazine photographers.” — TV Tonight

Journo blames Apple for hacking

“Former Gizmodo reporter Mat Honan is blaming an AppleCare technician for allowing his personal email and Twitter accounts to be hacked, as well as the tech blog’s official feed.” — CNET

Critics of Spanish government allege silencing

“A government making a raft of public spending cuts might not be expected to win many friends. But critics of Mariano Rajoy’s right-wing Partido Popular (PP) claim that a series of departures from Spain’s leading state broadcasting organisations are a sign that it will not tolerate any criticism.” — The Guardian

Reuters blog hacked

“Reuters News temporarily suspended its opinion blog on Friday after an anonymous hacker broke in and wrote false information about Syria.” — The New York Times