Music industry coke pig turned chickshite novelist turned Tory MP Louise Mensch (nee Bagshawe) has kicked a minor Twitter spat into play by demanding that Labour repudiate a flock of Labour activists who were talking on Twitter about party planning for the day of Margaret Thatcher’s death.

The Thatcher deathwatch is a grand old tradition in the UK — when she does kick the bucket, pubs across the north, London, Scotland, Wales — well, look, everywhere but the Cotswolds — will overflow with balloons, streamers and all-day drinking. The Jubilee will have nothing on it.

It’s a trifle pathetic that people cheer themselves up with this thought — Maggie is now, as they say, put beyond use — but it has become as traditional as swan-upping.

Mensch thus scored a point from undisciplined activists, but what was more interesting was her twitactivity. Mensch’s verbal style is pretty distinctive, her tweets follow it, so it seems likely she’s running the account herself. Which raises the question: 40 tweets over two hours?

This woman is an MP, on several committees. Doesn’t she have any bloody work to do?

Which raises another question: is it possible to judge the productivity of MPs, both in the UK and Australia, by their twitteriness? Would it be possible to see who our laziest, most easily distracted MPs are?

Mensch told the Daily Mail that using “class A” (that is, very good) drugs during her music industry days damaged her mentally, soon after which she began pursuing a career in right-wing politics.

What excuses do others have?