Jul 31, 2012

Chris Graham: Brough is back, with a record of failure

There's a broad expectation that Mal Brough will walk straight back into the ministry if he wins Fisher. And there's widespread fear in black Australia that the portfolio will be Aboriginal affairs.

Chris Graham

Tracker managing editor

The best predictor of someone’s future behaviour is their past behaviour. Which means that with Mal Brough winning pre-selection for the federal seat of Fisher, Parliament is in for a sideshow the likes of which it hasn’t seen since … well, since 2007.

There’s a broad expectation that Brough will walk straight back into the ministry if he wins Fisher. And there’s widespread fear in black Australia that the portfolio will be Aboriginal affairs, given Brough’s boys own adventure in 2007 with the Northern Territory intervention.

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15 thoughts on “Chris Graham: Brough is back, with a record of failure

  1. Liz45

    Chris, one can only hope that the ‘heat’ re the Slipper affair reveals ALL the lies, and the CNP is forced to remove his authorization to stand in Fisher? I won’t hold my breath though! It’s telling on the members of the CNP – their attitude to the past history of Brough, together with his lied about role in the dirty saga re James Ashby/Slipper situation is appalling to say the least. One can live in hope!

    In the meantime, the Gillard Govt will persist in the racist and horrific Intervention, and the suffering of aboriginal people will get worse. And to think I was hopeful of a different attitude altogether when Labor was elected in ’07. The Apology was going to be the turning point I thought! Of course, I didn’t think of all the applications to dig up resources in northern Qld and the NT? Very sad and angry about the whole rotten deal. It’s back to the 40’s or worse?

    Last night’s 4 Corners about the WA attitude to the cries by an aboriginal woman for protection for herself and her children, who was finally murdered by her husband; a woman originally from Japan, whose husband was given a pathetic sentence for her murder just proved what too many of us have known for decades. The attitudes to aboriginal people, particularly women and kids is much different to that relating to white women and kids – and god knows, that’s pretty grotty too at times?

  2. zut alors

    It beggars belief that Brough won pre-selection, the LNP must believe they are bulletproof at the next federal election.

    Brough has more than a whiff of scandal about him in the Slipper matter and the odds are that more revelations could irrevocably taint all involved including those on the immediate sidelines. If that happens Brough will be spoiled goods.

  3. klewso

    You’ll never get a job with Limited News – they do his laundry for him.

  4. rudimax

    I love how Abbott’s narrative about Brough and Ashby has been ‘he’s been upfront about his involvement’ – which is true as long as your definition of ‘upfront’ is lying to journalists then changing your story when confronted with undeniable evidence.

  5. CML

    Great article, Chris. Time someone told the assembled public what a
    sleaze-bag Brough is. LNP preselection for this odious reptile is
    unbelievable! Either they are scraping the bottom of the barrel, or
    they are overconfident about their prospects at the next election.
    No one should even comtemplate voting for this person with his
    previous record, as outlined in your comment piece.

  6. malcolm.grant1

    I am hoping that there are enough people in the electorate willing to vote 1 Slipper or 1 ‘Anyone Else’ and 2 Slipper to elect him as an Independent.

  7. Gocomsys

    Excellent article, great posts. Let’s hope the tide is turning and the LNP is seen for what it is. Radical, dysfunctional and policy free. In other words unelectable!
    At least the ALP (Alternative Liberal Party) has a hard working leader and a host of “acceptable” policies. Many of which have already been implemented. Well done!

  8. michael crook

    As one of the YRAW steering committee whose work in Longman got rid of Brough, I am more than happy to campaign against him again. The Intervention justified by Brough on child abuse statistics was a littler odd considering that, at the time, Domestic Violence and child abuse rates were far higher in his own electorate of Longman.

    He reminds me in many ways of the Labor Unity Faction opportunists who have helped to bring down the ALP.

  9. klewso

    But – behind in the polls – “attention” to those statistics weren’t as stunt-worthy.

  10. klewso

    Anyway, now Lie-low Abbott has another candidate who can match his own credentials.

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