"In some of the public debate there has been an overemphasis on coverage that some people believe is egregious with little comment (other than from some media commentators) on the important principle which is at stake here. This principle is: press freedom and the need for an independent press to hold all Governments, institutions, business, regulators and others in power to account."

There are certain principles that unite our media companies. The CEOs of Nine, Seven, Foxtel, Sky, News Ltd, AAP and APN wrote of them in their letter to the Prime Minister early this month rejecting a media-specific public interest test and further regulation in the name of free speech. "Since the time of Magna Carta," the CEOs majestically declared, "there has been a progressive empowerment of the citizenry in making those in power accountable, accessible and addressable. Central to that process over the last three centuries has been the operation of the media."