Jul 11, 2012

Keane: you’re welcome to the G20, Brisbane

Brisbane will host the 2014 G20, but won't get much of the windfall. And taxpayers will lose a lot of money.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

One of the key ways in which politicians demonstrate that they are another species of human being entirely is in their obsession with what are euphemistically called “Major Events”. Today there was another outbreak of Major Eventitis in relation to the 2014 G20 meeting, to be held in Brisbane, a decision that infuriated NSW politicians.

Maybe it’s because politicians never have to endure the inordinate disruption that such events cause to the rest of the population.

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14 thoughts on “Keane: you’re welcome to the G20, Brisbane

  1. JosieK

    Well said, that man. What the the NSW Premier is banging on about, I have no idea. APEC was an affront to anybody living in Sydney and I imagine that nobody apart from Bazza is sorry that we won’t have to live through a repeat of it.

  2. Steve777

    Brisbane is certainly welcome to it. I remember having to go through the ‘APEC fence’ in the Sydney CBD, instructions not to look out windows (I worked near the Intercontinental Hotel) and the fireworks display to which citizens weren’t invited. And it’s not like the Olympics with tens of thousands of visitors spending their money here and events at local venues beamed to millions around the world. It’s hard to see very much economic benefit to the host state or city, let alone votes.

    The best place to hold this sort of thing is Canberra, where disruption to the life of Australians going about their daily lives and work would be less and where security would be much easier to control. After all, the delegates and their entourages are coming here to work, not to enjoy the shopping, beaches or scenery.

  3. The Pav

    On an economic level Campbell- Newman is a dill for not wanting it.

    If his obkection was on the fact it would stuff up the city and annoy the citizens then he’d have my vote.

    Why do we try and get these blankety events!

    I’d rather have root canal surgery than go through the shemozzle again.

    Sorry Ms Gillard but I ain’t with you on this one anywhere in Australia

  4. zut alors

    Cripes, I’m so excited at the prospect of Air Force 1 and its sibling, Air Force 2, landing in Brisbane in 2014 that I may have trouble sleeping tonight.

    But seriously, what is the ‘thinking’ behind the theory that the G20 is a popularity boost for the PM? I can’t imagine a single vote would sway to Labor as a result of this [email protected] coming to Queensland. A waste of money, time and effort – and guaranteed to cheese-off most Brisbanians.

  5. MJPC

    Memo to the chaser team…book flight to Brisbane
    for G20 in 2014.
    If Mr Abbott is he PM at that time the Australian
    public will be in sore need for something to
    laugh about.

  6. Sharilynn Gerchow

    I think you’ll find the most sensible attitude of people INside Brisbane is :no thanks!

  7. michael r james

    On the other hand, just think about the improved efficiency (increased productivity!) of one all-purpose riot to oppose international capitalism, Campbell Newman and, probably, Tony Abbot et al. And with Major Newman thinking he is in charge (he won’t be of course, which will induce him to throw his weight around in ever more arbitrary ways) we can expect some wondrous civil liberty outrages that will take us right back to Bjelke-Peterson (circa Springbok tour) days.

    We expect you southern ratbags to come up to lend weight to proceedings.

  8. zut alors

    Michael RJ, you’ve cheered me up with the image of such prospects. It will be like time travel back to those golden days of Bjelke-Petersen madness – the media coverage will be a slavering frenzy.

    I’m almost looking forward to it now.

  9. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    I’m with you Zut and MichaelRJ. Hopefully, NO-CAN-DO Campbell will call up plenty of Victorians. They always whinge about Queenslanders being such morons, they should provide the necessary comparative colour and movement.

  10. The Pav

    As to the popularity issue that’s why the PM had it in Brisbane.

    Qld must be written off unless people see through the current govt quicker than usual
    so why annoy Melb & Sydney where she may still have a chance..
    Anyway you can always appeal to the deep norths sense of parochialism.

    BTW I bet if it hadn’t been held in Brisbane the same premier would be complaining about how Sydney/Melb get everything
    and the PM had snubbed Qld

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