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Jul 11, 2012

It's time ... to wish Gough happy birthday

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam celebrates his 96th birthday today, so we thought we'd kick festivities along with a listen to his iconic "It's Time" ad ...


Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam celebrates his 96th birthday today, so we thought we’d kick festivities along with a listen to his iconic “It’s Time” ad …


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15 thoughts on “It’s time … to wish Gough happy birthday

  1. Blair Martin

    Happy birthday, comrade.

  2. paddy

    +96 Happy birthday comrade

  3. Aphra

    My very best wishes, too.

    Your government got my family off the factory floors and lines of unskilled workers and into the universities and professions. And then there’s Medicare.

    Need I mention your most magnificent contribution to Australia’s cultural life – the raising of modest Moonee Ponds housewife, Mrs Edna Everage, to the Damery. Forever shall I remember your words: ‘Arise, Dame Edna’, and her flustered but joyous reaction.

    A great man; a good Australian.

  4. John Bennetts

    The first time I ever voted. Great memories.

    Take a look at the sideburns, moustaches and big hair.

    Imagine trying to herd any of the current federal political parties’ candidates onto a stage to sing a jingle in 2012. There isn’t a song in any of them, regardless of which party supports them.

    Indeed, remember when politicians used to support their party, rather than demanding support FROM their party?

  5. Patrick Bowman

    Wow, and I thought modern political advertising was content free. And they say our politics is getting more presidential, hmmm.

  6. zut alors

    It was a privilege to have Gough as PM. He has contributed intellect, vision and guts – this becomes increasingly evident as the years pass.

  7. michaelwholohan1

    I was having my haircut last Friday on my 69th birthday & had the opportunity to exchange greetings with Gough as he was next in the chair. The barber having advised us of our respcctive birthdays. I was pleased to be able to shake the hand of someone who made such a difference to this country. I told him he had been a hero of mine for more years than I care to remember; to which he replied ” you are very kind” …….not at all Sir. history will eventually catch up.
    For me it was a fine birthday present

  8. michaelwholohan1

    A very happy birthday Comrade. Thanks for the memory

  9. MartyO

    Many Happy returns for today, Mr Whitlam – a breath of fresh air at the right time – I will never forget the powerful effect you and your government had on this country.

    You will always be my No 1 Australian Political Hero!

    Marty O’Neill (aged 64)
    Katoomba NSW

  10. Frank Birchall

    Best wishes comrade; you were the last PM to be truly independent of the US. I was one of the many who marched in protest against the John Kerr coup. I was a young man then but those bitter days still weigh heavily upon my memories.

  11. AR

    May you have many more happy ones, Sir (a term I rarely use & never lightly).
    One of the current crop of pseudo ALP, Fitzgibber tuther night in attacking the Greens claimed that one of their “unrealistic” policies was fee free tertiary education which he claimed was impossible, proving not only he has no navel but no awareness of the Party’s history.

  12. lynne carolan

    Our best PM. He changed Australia for ever and gave all of us a fair go. Free university, Medicare just what every nation needs.

  13. Steve777

    Happy birthday Mr Whitlam. In just 3 years you changed the country for the better. It’s interesting to speculate how things might have gone had you won (as you should have) in 1969. With the last few years of the post-war boom to bed down your program, you may have had several terms as PM. I think Australia would have been a much better place had that occurred.

  14. J Strain

    At 96 who needs birthdays. You will always be remembered for the many achievements of your government, your quick wit, your thoughtful response to the sacking, your continuing contribution and even your partial reconciliation with Malcolm.


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