Jul 6, 2012

The Coalition’s leaked policy notes: what you found

Readers have been running the ruler over the Coalition's "speaker's notes" leaked by Crikey yesterday. Here are the best responses ...

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

We received plenty of responses from readers after our call for some crowdsourced analysis of the “Coalition’s Speaker’s Notes” (yes, yes, we know, the apostrophe).

To read more than a couple of pages of the document is to enter a world where nothing good of any kind has happened since November 2007, and everything bad that has happened is entirely the fault of Labor. For example, the financial crisis receives one mention (in the corporate law section), while the document lists the Coalition’s handling of the Asian financial crisis as one of its achievements.

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53 thoughts on “The Coalition’s leaked policy notes: what you found

  1. Kevin

    What a giant waste of time this exercise is. I’d be certain any Party opposition to the Govt of the day, be it Commonwealth or State will have prompt sheets available to them.

    “To read more than a couple of pages of the document is to enter a world where nothing good of any kind has happened since November 2007, and everything bad that has happened is entirely the fault of Labor”. You can alter the dates and name of Party in Govt mentioned and isn’t it always the case over the years? OK some-one in Coalition goofed and was careless with their copy. It’s good to let us look at it – but big deal otherwise. If the samples of reader response, in-depth analysis of brief stats, are anything to go by – ho hum! I suppose it is the Parliamentary Winter break and not so much happens to write about, time for Bernard to take a holiday!

  2. green-orange

    There’s really not much new here.

    The rather dubious proposal to “suspend” (for how long ?) the dole for young people in areas where “there are unskilled jobs available” (says who ? will employers be forced to employ the unemployed ?) was announced about six months ago.

    Look how much the Nationals carried on about Youth Allowance. I don’t think they’d let that pass.

  3. Cuppa

    Lazy bozos!

    Here is how commenter, Bushfire Bill, put it at another Crikey blog:

    “…they have an obsession with doing no work, with using back-door methods to achieve power instead of just formulating policies and letting the people decide in the approved manner… an election, at the proper, scheduled election time.

    They have not changed their position since 2007, which is: “We are the only rightful party of government in Australia.” This attitude permeates every thing they say and do. “

  4. Michael de Angelos

    Agreed- no policies just opposition. The Coalition believing that is it’s role apparently.

    So the unemployed are to be published because of events out of their control in an “on your bike” fantasy. Or are they taking talking points from Today Tonight as they hunt down ‘dole bludgers’ (who it seems talk for all) and perpetuate the old Byron Bay myth of hundreds moving to an area that has only multi-million dollar houses available, and then that stern looking bloke from Centrelink comes on breathing fire and threatening retribution.

    Lord help us if Tony succeeds.

  5. Seasprite

    It’s interesting how Malcolm Turnbull used the Leaked-Luntz-Republican-Playbook style of words that managed to fool a lot of people into thinking he wont cancel the NBN.

    [“Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcolm Turnbull told IT Pro firmly this week: “No, the Coalition will not cancel or roll back the NBN. The NBN will continue to roll out but we will do so in a cost-effective manner in particular in built-up areas.”]

    A few posters on The Poll Bludger were suckered in.
    [The Finnigans
    There is no way Malcolm will demolish the #NBN. It’s not in his DNA.]

    [Tom Hawkins
    NBN safe…. the first of many retreats to come.]


    Sounds a lot like Real Estate agent speak, don’t say “a run down termite infested rotting shack that should be bulldozed” say “A renovators delight”

    There’s a sucker born every minute and if Tony Abbott is elected those suckers will experience a bad case of Buyer’s remorse.

  6. Paddy Forsayeth

    It’s tragic that there is almost no public discourse on policy based on available data and agreed facts. CUPPA is spot on…Abbot’s lust for power seems to be predicated on the “born to rule” mentality. The Liberal document under discussion is simply the Conservative Catechism; it doesn’t need to be correct; it simply has to be believed in and preached to all and sundry. Like religious dogma, if belief and fact coincide it’s not the intention of the author. Lies, deceit, dissembling, distortion etc are the order of the day. To paraphrase an earlier English politician “I would not suggest that T Abbot be put in a chaff bag and throw in the ocean, but I would LOVE to read about it!”

  7. Gocomsys

    Poor Tony. Why are people so unkind to the unscrupulous and feeble minded? Not fair!

  8. Patriot

    What is the premise of all this, Bernard? That Oppositions – the alternative government – should not oppose and challenge the merit of government policy? That is precisely the prism through which Oppositions must view the government in a healthy multi-party democracy.

  9. AR

    If this is the concentrated wisdom fed to backbenchers, small wonder that it not meant to be generally available. To paraphrase, “the passenger on the Enfield omnibus (were there such a beast)” would start screaming outragedly if this crap should fall out if the sports section of the daily rag.
    Yet the pack of lobby fodder that is fed this crap is almost half of the House & Senate?

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