Jul 5, 2012

Mayne: Woolies, Rupert, Packer play corporate democracy game

Whoever would have thought the almighty US Republican Party would end up having a rich kid from Toorak as its most powerful kingmaker, even to the point of publicly lecturing an endorsed presidential candidate about staff selection on Twitter.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

For a boy who grew up in Toorak, you’ve got to hand it to Rupert Murdoch.


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7 thoughts on “Mayne: Woolies, Rupert, Packer play corporate democracy game

  1. barfiller

    “Having initiated Federal Court action to prevent shareholder democracy playing out, surely the ASX will …”
    Our production editor many years ago used to call this construction ‘backwards run the sentences’. It so often ends up involving a dangling or misplaced modifier.

  2. Mack the Knife

    And in Great Britain Woolworths went bankrupt

  3. Mike Smith

    Woolworths learn about Streisand effect. Is it too late to acquire shares to vote in the EGM? Don’t think GetUp have mentioned this.

  4. lorraine benham

    GetUp has sent out an email requesting donations to fund their court costs in fighting Woolworths bid to stop the EGM. Not everyone can grab Woolworth shares, but a goodly number of people who are not yet members of Getup can join them and add their modest donation to the GetUp coffers to stop Woollies in their tracks.

  5. odonovan grainne

    Nice work, Woolworths. What a way to undermine your expensive new advertising campaign to lift your corporate profile!

    Pokies machine business is predatory. At present, Woolworths is the biggest Australian pokies predator of them all.

  6. Balt

    Its quiet simple really – do not shop at and tell all your friends not to shop at Woolworths

  7. Mike Smith

    @Balt: Which is what I put on G+ and FB. If Woolies run a SLAPP campaign they deserve to get hurt.

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