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Jul 5, 2012

Coalition’s policies? We’ve got ’em — well, sort of

Crikey has obtained the Coalition's internal policy bible for backbenchers. And we want readers to start going through it.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

Part handy fact source, part ideological screed, part policy bible, the Coalition’s new set of “Speaker’s Notes” (yeah, we’re not sure if the apostrophe is correct or not) — intended for “preparing electorate material and correspondence, talking points, speeches and handling constituent inquiries” — has come Crikey’s way.

The 137-page document is a core resource for Coalition MPs in preparing their communication, and “should NOT be circulated in [its] raw form”. We’re accordingly circulating it in raw form.

Inside its pages you’ll read the sad history of Labor’s many failures (with the single exception of the Fair Work Act, which “deserves a fair go”) and how the Coalition’s position is in every way superior, even when (such as in the broadband and communications chapter) that position isn’t explained in any way. There are also loads of facts and figures to demonstrate the Coalition’s superior record in government.

“Key economic indicators” from the Coalition “Speaker’s Notes”

For a policy-shy opposition that has risen to a landslide-level polling lead that could deliver it control of both houses, it’s the nearest thing we’ve got to a serious collation of policies across specific issues so far.

So we’re setting a challenge for Crikey readers. If you’re an expert, or even just well-grounded, in one of the 42 different policy areas, ranging from aged care through to youth, discussed in the notes, let’s hear from you. Leave a comment, drop us a line or use the completely anonymous form.

Is there anything new here? Any howling errors? Anything worth digging into? We’re crowdsourcing the analysis of the only real insight into the policies of an Abbott government we’re likely to get until next year.

Over to you. Oh and remember, shhhh, this should not be circulated in raw form.

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140 thoughts on “Coalition’s policies? We’ve got ’em — well, sort of

  1. Jimmy

    “Is there anything new here?” I would seriously doubt it!

  2. littlemaths

    The move to ‘have the 19th of February declared as a Day of National Significance, to be
    known as “Bombing of Darwin Day”’ is part of the “Plan for Strong Borders”? I’m not sure I want to think too much about why that is.

  3. Suzanne Blake

    They could circulate a blank sheet of paper amd still beat the Australian Lia rs Party

  4. Jimmy

    That;s the way SB, don’t worry about what you are voting for just vote them out.

  5. Suzanne Blake

    @ Jimmy

    Yes Jimmy, we are run by clowns, look at that fool Emerson.

    Votes them out, NOTHING could be worse that this pack of dishonest oxygen thieves.

  6. Holden Back

    Except, of course, SB your dishonest oxygen thieves of choice.

  7. Cuppa

    Funny they never seem to want to talk about their economic record under Treasurer Howard.

    Good thing Crikey distributed those details as well:

  8. Bill Hilliger

    @SB you have been conned and marginalised by the coalition information release, the figures and stats were actually much-much better than stated. The coalition deliberately downplayed the information for modesty reasons.

  9. Gocomsys

    It is like comparing apples with oranges, making sure the Howard “fruit salad” isn’t mentioned.
    There are li es, more li es and then there are selective “juicy” statistics. Must admit a great con job!

  10. Jimmy

    SB – Yep and because you didn’t bother to think what you were voting for you can complain about the new govt and vote them out.

    After all you wouldn’t wnat to think would you.

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