Jul 4, 2012

Media CEOs’ letter to government: ‘danger to free speech’

Media company CEOs have written to the government expressing concern about media regulation. Crikey has obtained the unpublished letter ...

Media CEOs — including Nine’s David Gyngell, Seven West Media’s Don Voelte, AAP’s Bruce Davidson, APN’s Brett Chenoweth, News Limited’s Kim Williams, Foxtel’s Richard Freudenstein and Sky News’ Angelos Frangopolous — have written to the government expressing concern about media regulation. Crikey has obtained the unpublished letter …

We write to you to express our strong and united opposition to some of the recommendations in the Convergence Review and the Finkelstein Review. The Government is currently considering both of these reports.

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14 thoughts on “Media CEOs’ letter to government: ‘danger to free speech’

  1. El Tel

    Hell hath no fury like a vested interest acting as a moral outrage

  2. michael r james

    One should note that 3 of the 7 signatories are from the Murdoch stable, plus Fairfax is not a signatory.
    Thus the letter is less of a united front of Australian media interests as of the usual suspects and vested interests.

  3. armstrong burroughs

    absolutely dishonest beginning to end

  4. drmick

    If they are bitching it must be close to being good. If they expect us to swallow rubbish they produce then the test should be the same rubbish being force fed via enema back to them.
    Self regulation…..bahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

  5. klewso

    “Safety in dumbers”?

  6. klewso

    As for “framing the debate” – who but the media gets to frame that and
    the way we get to see our politics – as they want to edit it – to suit their
    agenda – editing out the bits they don’t like, or spinning them to suit their
    narrative, influencing voter perception of “fitness to govern”.
    To the point where “PCP’s” are just window-dressing and as irrelevant as “balance”.

  7. zut alors

    The media CEOs need to markedly improve their punctuation before attempting to convince us they are the professional outfits they claim to be.

  8. John Bennetts

    Can the supporters of industry self-regulation point to a single successful instance of industry self-regulation in Australia?

    I cannot and I’m pretty sure that they cannot either.

    What I can point to, though, is the failure of the present and all previous attempts at self-regulation by, for and of the media in Australia.

    What this letter sets out to achieve is the continuing application of a failed system which, by design and outcomes, serves neither the public nor the principles of free speech. It serves only those who own or operate the electronic and print media and their lying, dissembling and misleading habits.

    True freedom of speech does not include freedom to misrepresent, lie or worse.

  9. Venise Alstergren

    I’ve read some monumental pieces of Chutzpah in my time but the letter to the government by Media CEOs has to be the greatest piece of unmitigated gall I’ve ever read. For them to be bitching about such a law as being open to thoughts which are “”Subjective, vague and imprecise”” makes a mockery of every scintilla of journalism in the damned book. Who the hell do they think they are when fellow journalists include Andrew Bolt? (in a cast of hundreds)

    When, oh when will Australians cease quoting overseas comments to bolster their arguments? Different countries have different parameters, and what works in England and America may not be germane to Australia.

    Perhaps it is time for some of our journos to grow up?

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Thank you so much, Crikey. I’ve commented on three different subjects today. And you’ve moderated two of them. May I ask why?

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