From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Leaked: Coalition talking points. Our mole from inside the Coalition camp continues to deliver us the daily talking points dispatched from Tony Abbott's office to all MPs -- or, as we like to call him here at Crikey, "TA" (see talking points). Craig Emerson and his Skyhooks-inspired routine is today's theme -- Australians, MPs will say, "deserve better than a mocking government". Read the full document here. Tiser's degrees of separation. One keen-eyed Adelaide Advertiser aficionado is wondering what’s going on with the paper’s front page. Until last Thursday, the symbol for News Limited’s "1 Degree" environmental initiative -- which aims to reduce News' greenhouse gas emissions and "raise awareness about the changes we can all make" -- sat in prime position below the Tiser’s masthead. Sister paper The Sunday Mail followed suit. The symbol was accompanied by a note proclaiming "The Advertiser is a carbon neutral company".

Then on Friday the symbol vanished. Nothing on Saturday either.