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SackWatch: Deakin University. Some staff at Deakin University’s school of information systems have raised questions about the school’s management following a decision to cut jobs. The Age has reported up to 24 staff at the university will be made redundant, and Crikey understands about six of these will be from the school of information systems.

Some staff believe the jobs could have been saved if the school had spent less on marketing and industry dinners, on The Australasian Conference on Information Systems to be held on campus in December, and on the school’s management team, which is described by an insider as “top heavy”. There are rumours that cuts to the university’s marketing and management staff may be next.

Executive summary. Which executive at a financial services company is turning heads with his comments made in the presence of colleagues about his “conquest of women and the use of pr-stitutes”? We hear not all colleagues are impressed. Some think he should stick to the orange juice at work-related functions.

A cross word. A devotee of word games has detected shades of editorial glumness in Thursday’s quick crossword app in The Age. During tough times for Fairfax, our source sees a conspiracy in the crossword’s references to “make friends, maybe with the enemy!”, “low tide”, “disconnection”, “censor”, “assassin”, “mistaken”, “agonise” and “resignation”.

Our source concedes the crossword “was probably composed by software, not by a disillusioned employee, but it does toll a grim bell on current media conditions”. We’re lost for words.

Reporter tongue-Thaied. At least one reader was not impressed with this intro on a story from the Phuket Gazette: ‘Thai ladies continue to live up to their reputation as some of the world’s best ball control artists …’.

The story is about volleyball.

A robust exchange of views followed in the English-language newspaper’s online comments section:

So, is the intro s-xist? Two other readers who posted comments on the story didn’t think so, describing Willocks’ response as “out-of-place” and “fuelled by paranoia”.

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