Jul 2, 2012

‘Big society’: Abbott takes his lead from the Brits

Dr James Whelanof the Centre for Policy Development asked interviewees from his recent report Big Society and Australia to provide comment on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's recent "landmark" speech ...

Last month, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott unveiled the second instalment of his “Plan for Stronger Communities”. Extending the policy directions he prefaced at the National Press Club in January, Abbott outlined several Coalition policies that aim to strengthen social capital and social fabric, empower citizens through personal and mutual responsibility to “achieve something for themselves”.

These values will resonate widely and deeply. Australians share Abbott’s commitment to volunteerism and “stronger and more cohesive communities”. Each year, 40% of us volunteer and many donate to community groups.

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3 thoughts on “‘Big society’: Abbott takes his lead from the Brits

  1. Paul

    The major differences between here and the UK are
    They have a diversified press. The BBC, while conservative, has not been captured by the free market, hate Labor forces that have captured the ABC – which compounds the problem here.
    It is fine in the UK for backbenches to gang up on their own government and publicly demand different policies.
    The churches also speak up loudly on social issues, while here we only get the ravings of the likes of Pell and Jenson.
    They have a much less politicized public service
    What the above means is that the Big Society has been almost totally discredited in the UK.
    However that will not deter Abbott, as, in essence, it is a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the wealthy, something that is in Abbott’s DNA,
    The sad thing is that he will succeed where Cameron has failed because of the above differences.

  2. AR

    Paul +1. Despite the toxic combination of forelock tugging & knowing ones place, the concomitant of noblesse oblige disappeared in the Thatcher years, replaced by Bullingdon bullies & silver spooners of the Cameroons.

  3. CML

    @ PAUL – I agree. It is sad to read Crikey articles in the past few weeks
    and find dozens (if not hundreds) of comments on climate change,
    boat-people and a host of other stuff which people see as threatening.
    Yet when it comes to expressing interest in our home-grown vulnerable
    citizens, and what may happen to them under a Coalition government,
    we get just you and me.
    What a self-indulgent, smug, greedy lot we Aussies have become!

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