Jun 26, 2012

Our trust in media begins to recover, but only for some

Our trust in media has stopped falling, but some companies are still struggling, Essential research shows.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The two-year long slide in trust in most of Australia’s media outlets has halted, with trust flat or rebounding slightly for many outlets, Essential Research polling has found.

With Australia’s newspaper market in turmoil, voters with “some” or “a lot” of trust in daily newspapers has rebounded six points to 52% from December last year, back to about where it was in July 2011, although well down on the 62% of March 2010. Trust in local newspapers has increased four points since November, to 56%, making newspapers the most trusted form of commercial media.

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6 thoughts on “Our trust in media begins to recover, but only for some

  1. Pete from Sydney

    so why no forensic delving into TV trust..or online trust for that matter?

  2. Gocomsys

    Essential Research polling yet again.
    > Lies, damned lies and statistics, of course……………………………..
    Stop right there!

  3. Gocomsys

    Moderated! Let’s see what the objection was.

    Essential Research polling yet again.
    > Li es, damn ed li es and stat istics, of co urse……………………………
    St op right there!

    Let’s see does it work?

  4. drmick

    Move along Citizens. Nothing to see here. just the media justifying its own existence again. Looks like they are having trouble finding anyone outside the media who actually reads papers, let alone trusts them.

  5. AR

    I’m dismayed that anyone with functioning synapses trust talkback at all. Oh, yes of course “functioning” – it is well noted in the USA that the more someone watches Fux the more uninformed they become so it’s reasonable to assume that the same applies to Mudorc’s readers & shoutback radio’s audience here.

  6. Jack Stepney

    And the Advertiser in Adelaide? Or was the readership too low to consider.

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