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Jun 26, 2012

Newman v gays: where else but Queensland?

Recent changes to Queensland laws represent once of the most significant rollbacks of gay and lesbian rights by a government in the Western world.

There’s something that’s been missing from the commentary regarding the Queensland government’s changes to civil union and surrogacy rights for same-s-x couples. It’s that this is the most significant rollback of gay and lesbian rights by a government in the Western world, ever.

Sound like an exaggeration? It’s not.

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83 thoughts on “Newman v gays: where else but Queensland?

  1. Powerfox junior

    Isn’t ignorance and hatred disguised as fundamentalist Christianity a “lifestyle choice”? Yes, some of us are “worn down” and fed up, but not by the debate per se. Its the quality of the debate and the sheer narrow-minded nastiness that is wearing and sad. Civilised society? Hardly.

  2. Modus Ponens

    Ah single house parliaments, an elected dictatorship masquerading as democracy.

  3. j.oneill

    What has just happened in Queensland and what is yet to come highlights two fundamental flaws in our political system. The first is a voting system that allows such a massively one-sided result in the Parliament when the winning party mustered barely 50% of the vote yet got 80% of the seats. We now have an opposition too small to provide people for the committee system, one of the fundamental parts of parliamentary democracy. Newman and his antidemocratic colleagues promptly decided that they didn’t need committee scrutiny of their legislation because they “had a mandate”. This not only displays a shocking ignorance of the meaning ofparliamentary democracy, it also betrays a fundamental arrogance of power.

    The second flaw the repealing of gay rights exposes is the lack of a Bill or Charter of Human Rights along the NZ or Canadian models that would give aggrieved persons a legal basis to challenge legislation which so fundamentally alters the rights of a specific group or groups in a negative way.

    Anti Bill of Rights persons have been conspicuously silent on the Queensland government’s full frontal assault on basic human rights. We are marching backwards to the worst aspects of the Bjelke Petersen and before era and nobody seems to give a damn. What is wrong with this country?

  4. Jack Phat


    This comment was vulgar and inappropriate and has subsequently been removed. Please exercise some maturity when engaging in discussion with other people.

    If you don’t have anything intelligent to add to the discussion, here’s a thought: don’t add anything. And if you’re in doubt, consult our moderation guidelines.

  5. Matt Hardin

    No Jack, you are wrong. I am straight but I think that gay people are normal. I am sure that there are other straight people who think so to.

    I am also surprised your offensive rant, devoid of any argument, logic or grammar, made it past the moderator.

  6. rachel612

    Where’s the moderator? In a fair average world Jack Phat’s little outburst would pass for hate speech.

  7. Modus Ponens

    Queenslanders think they are normal. Point proven.

  8. Iain Hall

    Lets be real here about the changes to Civil Unions in Queensland, the only reason that Labor sponsored them at all was as an attempt to distract the public form their woeful performance in government, it failed to do that. Labor were utterly defeated and rightly so. Newman went to the electorate promising to abolish civil unions altogether and he subsequently pulled back from that undertaking to instead just remove the parts of the legislation that mimicked marriage. Many of us see that as a reasonable compromise.

    As for surrogacy well I have my doubts about it for anyone if it ends up alienating any child produced form at least one of their biological parents.

    If you are Gay in Queensland there is absolutely nothing stopping you living an loving entirely as you please which as far better than in most parts of the world world.

  9. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Iain Hall, just because the Bligh ALP government was politically and morally bankrupt doesn’t mean that civil unions, gay marriage or the surrogacy laws were without merit. When you say “Many of us….”, do you mean Queenslanders, homophobes, ill-informed know-alls or just regular suburban LNP voters? Do you see every moral and ethical outcome as a “reasonable compromise” – given the circumstances? Frankly Iain, how do you know what it is like to be “Gay in Queensland”?

  10. Flynn Thompson

    God there’s a nasty element to Queensland society that just won’t go away. So sick of these people and their prejudices.

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