Jun 25, 2012

Strange company for Labor Senator at Christian summit

A Tasmanian Labor Senator has gladly addressed a controversial Christian conference whose keynote speaker believes homos-xuality is a "choice made in weakness".

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

A Tasmanian Labor Senator has addressed a controversial Christian conference whose keynote speaker believes homos-xuality is a “choice made in weakness”.


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8 thoughts on “Strange company for Labor Senator at Christian summit

  1. mikeb

    “it is not appropriate for MPs to be involved with the people whose values Labor rejects,” he told Crikey this morning.” Funny – last time I checked Australia was still a free country.
    Harkins then displays the greatest of ironies in proclaiming “Helen Polley needs to have a big think about who she associates with …” Glass houses anyone?

  2. Julie Bradley

    I agree with MIKEB. I don’t support Helen Polley’s views but I support
    her right to freedom of association.

  3. michael crook

    Might I have the temerity to suggest that Polley is one of the many ALP reps who owe their continued preselection to Joe De Bruyn. If so, free speech and association doesn’t come into it, she will do what she is told.

  4. Liz45

    I recall several decades ago a friend of mine, also then a member of the ALP being threatened with expulsion because she marched near/with alleged members of the communist party. I spoke out in her defence at the Labor Women’s Conference – she won! This is really ludicrous. Let her or anyone else have their views if they wish – the majority don’t agree with these assertions! The abortion issue and the assertions put forward here are insulting to women. It assumes that we can’t make decisions for ourselves(wherever we are in the world) and would be stupid enough to submit to unethical practices such as selling a foetus?

    Jim Wallace and his cronies might have some respect and regard if they were as active in the defence of innocent victims of s*xual abuse by priests, past and probably present! He’s a member of a small group of far right church members – the majority support gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose, and euthanasia? I’m always amazed by the men who are SO opposed to a woman’s right to choose – when they’ve been pregnant once, then I might listen/read their views. In the meantime, they don’t have a clue, and they can be as demanding as they wish. I’m waiting for the day when they chastise? males who don’t take their fertility responsibilities seriously! They also don’t speak out about the thousands of poverty stricken Africans who’ve lost family members via HIV/AIDS?

    Hypocrites is the word I immediately think of when I hear of any of the so-called moral right wingers?Every two minutes, a woman somewhere in the world dies through child birth and/or gynecological health problems. Let them hold a discussion about that shameful statistic!

  5. AR

    Religious or political, anyone who agrees to have sufficient of their brain removed to follow a script/dogma/party line is not worth a pinch of the proverbial. Imagine if they akshally believed the claptrap!
    Which would be worse, pig ignorance or hypocrisy?

  6. odonovan grainne

    It’s healthy for politicians to mix with a diverse range of people in the community. Actually, it’s healthy for all of us to do so. It’s not as if she was giving a speech supporting the ACL’s views.

    I think the word “strange” in the lead is about as far as one can take this. It’s unusual to see, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

  7. Tyler T

    She’s free to mix with whoever she likes, equally the tasmanian labor party is free to boot her off their senate ticket and elect a member who better reflects their views.

    One would have to think this issue is likely to end her career given the strength of the left in Tasmania

  8. blocker lock

    Free to associate…? hey..? wonder if the same comments would be made if it was Al-Shabaab she associated with….
    The world is way too ignorant, she has an agenda and has to be removed. Come on ALP what gives?

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