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Jun 25, 2012

… then where will we be?

The acclaimed cartoon that won First Dog on the Moon -- and Crikey -- his first Walkley Award for journalistic excellence in 2012.


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29 thoughts on “… then where will we be?

  1. shepherdmarilyn

    And all the tears and lies last week when it was the Australian authorities who let people drown in the first place.

    Kind of “”we let them drown” so we must punish everyone else and our worthless media, including Bernard, believe the lies of compromise.

    The Oakeshott plan was even more evil than the others but the media were too frigging lazy to actually read it.

  2. John64

    It’s funny because it’s true.

    There really is only so much one person can do after all.

  3. Mike Smith

    The strong signal being collect the money in advance. 🙁 Like they were not already doing this.

  4. Tyler T

    Great comic, it’s all so sad. Apparently wilfully inflicting mental harm on some of the most vulnerable people imaginable sends a ‘strong signal’ to people smugglers.

  5. Holden Back

    Chronic compassion fatigue syndrome: the Australian disease?

  6. First Mog on the Doona

    just proves that political footballs don’t float.

  7. Adele

    heartfelt thank you, Mr Othermoon. These days, I am reminded of this quote by Mr Burns [erase] Immigration Minister Philipp Ruddock from 2002, ‘…I, I mean, I have compassion for everyone, but I can’t help everyone. Compassion is felt according to a hierarchy of need.’

  8. paul of albury

    Thanks FD, good to see some humanity left at Crikey

  9. Venise Alstergren

    Sensational yet sad; marvellous yet morose. And when you get right down to it the words which spring to mind are crocodile tears, hypocrisy and humbuggerery to the nth degree.

    The ‘toon is almost too good.

  10. Andybob

    Right on EMC, (bet its been a while since someone said Right on to you….).

    But at least FD’s protaganist dawg starts off with good intentions – Let me help you. What really makes my destestometer max out is when people who’s only intention is to make a demagogic debating point start talking about the “pull factors” and using tragedy to insist that “sterner measures” are called for. Pull factors indeed.

  11. fredex

    Brilliant. Political satire at its best.

  12. shitesherlock

    This cartoon made me want to cry and rail at SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Then I realise, it is useless. No one is listening. It is exactly how this is. 🙁

  13. ernmalleyscat

    And even sadder that some have taken it even further and claimed that we are the ones who need saving from them, and then looked straight into a camera and laughed as he said it’s not his problem.

  14. Plonkoclock

    Still there ‘Shoe?

  15. Sandshoe

    It is such an excellent toon. Bit of a lifesaver not to put too fine a point on it. Found the backpackers where I booked at. Thanks Firsty for the companionship.

  16. zut alors

    But what about those caring, touching speeches delivered in sombre tones by the PM and opposition leader at the beginning of Question Time today – surely you can’t be suggesting they mean bug ger all…

  17. michael crook


  18. puddleduck

    Shoudl we contribute to having two of these laminated and sent to PM Gillard and Mr Abbott?

  19. paddy

    Desperately sad stuff, beautifully done FD.

  20. Andrew L

    Evil goes thingy while good(ish) people wring their hands and do sfa

  21. Sandshoe

    Sweet irony! I am at an internet kiosk at a backpackers on the Cairns Esplanade and can hear children playing behind me at the plyaground over road. I’m not responsible for them. Me, me, me, I forgot to take a note of which backpackers I finally decided to book into and bought fifteen minutes to look for a reminder online. Unsure and sleep deprived. Seeking assistance at the Caravella. Life imitates art.

  22. Jeremy Sear

    You are a national treasure, FD.

  23. Mike Smith

    Parable of the Australian, I’m afraid to say.

  24. archibald

    I hadn’t realised how easily a life preserver could become a millstone around one’s neck. Don’t let this get around FD – the market for floaties could be slashed.

  25. Mike Jones

    Ah, but would it were Lake Bearly Gryphon.

  26. drmick

    Humanity firdo.
    They have removed it from banking and all business. Greed, selfishness and nimby IAFU is actively taught at skool, home and the office; some families don’t care about each other let alone caring about the plight of anyone else.
    And, thanks to Grienernomics, professional carers in NSW hospitals are again discouraged from actually doing what they are there for, looking after sick people. If hospitals cant get young healthy fit people who can pay in their beds, they wont have anybody; least of all those bluddy old frail weak and infirm sickly looking people and pesky sick kids who have no money at all.

  27. Omar Khayyam

    Well done Mr Onthemoon

  28. moi aussie

    D D de la Luna MM,
    As always,
    Thank you for cutting
    to the chase,
    Neatly slicing
    through the hypocrisy
    that surrounds us.
    yours faithfully,
    moi aussie

  29. Holden Back

    Mmm. Why is it the most heartless statements on this come from people who like to claim the label of ‘Christian’?


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