There was a fairly amusing audio overlap on the Radio National Breakfast version of AM this morning during the story on Mary-Jo Fisher’s shoplifting affliction. To our ears it sounded like host Tony Eastley was peeved over something RN executive producer Tim Latham had told him to insert into a story.

What could Eastley have possibly been referring to? We reckon he said something like this:

“I know, but I got a Latham thing in there who was saying ‘I can’t believe you didn’t mention this in the lead’, so I thought I’d just back announce it, that’s alright, RN, Radio National sure, hm, big problem … ah listen, [it was from] Tim Latham so I thought I’d just add it to the back announce to keep him quiet … it’s not a big [inaudible].”

Crikey understands that Eastley was annoyed about Latham’s request to include some additional lines in this Michael Vincent report on Julian Assange.

Have a listen here and decide for yourself …