Jun 20, 2012

News Ltd restructure: merged divisions, no cuts … yet

News Limited CEO Kim Williams has refused to say how many of the company's 8000 staff will be sacked in a homely video address to the nation this afternoon announcing his plans to slash the company's cost base.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

News Limited CEO Kim Williams has refused to say how many of the company’s 8000 staff will be sacked in a homely address to the nation this afternoon announcing his plans to slash the media giant’s cost base.


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11 thoughts on “News Ltd restructure: merged divisions, no cuts … yet

  1. Greg Romanes

    The Oz out on a limb by itself – I can see it becoming the new Bulletin. Who ended up owning the masthead of the Bulletin?

  2. linda domaschenz

    @Greg Romanes- the Oz is Ruperts love child his ear/eye and door to Canberra, and no doubt Gina wishes to replicate that with the SMH/Age ?
    The only profitable arm for Fairfax is FR and Rural Press.

    Goodbye Limited News/Fairfax……………

    Welcome Crikey, Global Mail and The Conversation and whoever is game enough to enter the market.

    I feel despondent for all the employees and our tactile press, but this weeks news has been a game changer- a turning point.
    I’ve long been a digital reader and happy to pay my dues here, but I will not ever pay a cent for the bias that Fairfax is about to become. I want informative and analytical news. It’s been on a downward spiral for yonks, I’ve remained loyal till recently- enough is enough.

    History in the making, but has been a slow and painful death for a long time.

  3. Ginas new vajazzle

    Williams should be able to redeploy some of his hacks into Gina’s new flagship – The Vejazzle – she will be looking for some with the right kind of attributes, and a spell in Rupert’s stable will look good on the CV.

  4. Michael de Angelos

    Why bother asking the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance for their view?. A useless union.

    While being interviewed by Mark Colvin on ABC radio Kim Williams scoffed at the suggestion “some people” perceived bias against Labor from News Ltd titles despite the numerous headlines declaring European heads of state had ‘slapped down ‘ Julia Gillard when no such thing had happened.

    One even claimed a direct attack upon the Canadian PM was really directed at Gillard.

    It will be interesting to see how many loyal mouthpieces of the right like Shanahan will be included in the reduced News Ltd.
    From past experience, News Ltd like Fairfax are no great experts at going digital. It’s doubtful the mass of readers who buy a newspaper despite it’s bias will transfer that loyalty to digital.

    There will be big winners in the future of publishing and those-like crikey-who are prepared to run an honest ship and steer down the middle will benefit greatly from readers who are prepared to pay.

  5. Liamj

    I don’t believe there will be any News Ltd cuts. Just the other day i saw a job ad at the newsagents, and my cabbies bro-in-law knows someone who still works for them. All this sackings talk is just a conspiracy by the journalists to get more perks. [/parody of News Ltd climate coverage]

  6. beachcomber

    Murdoch’s media empire is clearly run from New York. Announcing a “One City One Office” operation, when the city of Brisbane will be running regional newspapers scattered around the vast state of Queensland, means “regional news” will be minimal. Tasmania seems to fallen off the map completely, being run from a Melbourne or Sydney Office. The Murdoch Newspapers will essenially be bits of The Australian cut and pasted bewteen local ads, with maybe a page of local stories from a cadet journalist working from their home if we are lucky. With only the Fairfax/Reinhardt Mining Gazette as opposition, the end of newpapers has become one giant step closer.

  7. Ronson Dalby

    “The Conversation”

    What a great find that was for me last week, Linda.

  8. tenebrae

    Re. Bob Carr on Lateline last night.

    Was he actually serious simply being obsequious when he opined that newspapers (!!) were the best of Australian writing. What? The Oz? And Carr generally reads a lot.

    He then got bothered that he was being “pretentious”. How can a bourgeois philistine manage to be pretentious?

  9. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Tenebrae, doesn’t it make sense that an unpretentious “bourgeois philistine” would look in The Australian, The Age or the Manly Daily for their dose of good Australian writing?

  10. green-orange

    What about the Adelaide Advertiser ?

    Somewhat makes a mockery of the ridiculous claim by someone from Crikey the other night that The Advertiser makes more money than Fairfax (hasn’t turned a profit in years in fact).

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