From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Limited News by the end of the week. We hear that News Limited's HR department and others are gathering in Sydney for a big meeting in the next two days at which all the changes -- including job cuts -- will be unveiled. Fairfax, your country needs you. Dear Fairfax staffers: we understand things are pretty grim at work right now, with 20% of editorial staff to go. It's said that a problem shared is a problem halved, so we recommend sending any Fairfax news and gossip you hear around the office to Crikey. Email us or fill in our anonymous tip page. Not even Qantas consultants have faith. At a Sydney conference on Friday one participant, a consultant to Qantas, told other attendees that the airline is about to go under and everyone will lose their frequent-flyer points. "Could be alarmist talk but the experience of Ansett burnt many people with stockpiles of points," says our tipster. "Being a tad more iconic than Ansett, Qantas going under would still be a huge shock. And I wouldn't put it past that clown, Joyce, to spring it on us -- as he did the lockout." Bullying at Victoria Police. A recently formed network of Victoria Police -- inspired by whistleblower 'Dave' on Seven News in May -- are formulating a submission to the federal government's committee on workplace bullying. Victoria Police claim that less than 1% of members have made complaints of workplace conflict and less than a third of that figure are bullying complaints. As Vic Police said in a statement after the Seven News story ran:

Not so say the Police Association who cite a recent People Matter survey that says over 30% have experienced bullying in the workplace and detrimental action for reporting it: