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Jun 18, 2012

Essential: we trust the leaders-in-waiting more than the leaders

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull are trusted more than either of their leaders by voters, today's Essential Report shows, while Labor and unions are seen as the target of media bias.


Kevin Rudd is more trusted to act in the community’s interest than any other significant political figure, according to polling from Essential Research, which also shows Labor has failed to recover reputationally from its 2011 nadir.

More than a third of voters (37%) have some or a lot of trust in Rudd to act in the community’s interest, ahead of Malcolm Turnbull on 33%, Tony Abbott on 29% and Prime Minister Julia Gillard on 26%. Turnbull appears to be a less polarising figure, however; 25% of voters have no trust at all in him, compared to 30% for Rudd, 43% for Abbott and 45% for Gillard.

Australian companies fare better than any politician, with 46% of voters saying they trusted local companies to act in the community’s interest — compared to just 8% who trusted foreign companies. Indeed, 57% of voters had no trust at all in foreign companies.

Mining magnates fared little better. Only 14% of voters trusted billionaires like Gina Rinehart or Clive Palmer to act in the community’s interest, with 73% having little or no trust in them. Banks were held in similarly low regard — 17% trusted them and 66% had little or no trust. The results follow recent evidence that voter trust in key institutions has fallen — most particularly federal Parliament.

Essential also ran its periodic assessment of important election issues and the parties’ respective levels of trust in handling them. The economy, health, protecting Australian jobs and industries and education all remain the most frequently-cited key issues for voters. On economic management, Labor has made up no ground on the Coalition since last December and trails 26% to 44%, despite a welter of good economic news and interest rate cuts since then.

On health, the Coalition has stretched its lead on Labor from three to six points, 36-30%. On protecting Australian jobs and industries, the government has gone backwards as well, trailing 29-35%, while on education it still trails the Coalition by two points, 33-35%.

Only on a fair industrial relations system does Labor hold a lead, 36-30%, which has widened a little since last year. The Greens hold leads over both parties on protecting the environment and addressing climate change. And Labor still trails the Coalition by 18 points on controlling interest rates, despite successive cuts since last November.

In short it appears Labor’s effort to refocus on a more “Labor values” related platform around job protection and economic management hasn’t yet translated into voter perceptions around the party.

Yet again the capacity of partisanship to influence economic perceptions was displayed, too. Less than half (43%) of voters think the economy is “heading in the right direction”, up from 36% in March, but only 26% of Liberal voters think it is compared to 71% of Labor voters and 63% of Greens. But 56% of voters are concerned about job security, up seven points since March, despite the rise in belief that the economy is heading in the right direction. And, again, 67% of Liberal voters are concerned about their jobs compared to 46% of Labor voters.

Voters also think business groups and the Liberal Party benefit from media bias while Labor and the unions face bias against them — unexpected results since normally perceptions of bias are also affected by partisanship, with voters tending to think the media is biased against the party they support.

On voting intention, there was minimal change: Labor picked up a primary vote point to 33%; the Coalition and the Greens remained the same on 49% and 10% respectively, for a two-party preferred outcome of 56-44 in favour of the Coalition.



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23 thoughts on “Essential: we trust the leaders-in-waiting more than the leaders

  1. Jimmy

    The lbis leading the ALP 44-26 just shows the lak on economic literacy in this country.

  2. Edward James

    Short listed leaders Kevin Rudd / Malcolm Turnbull according to Essential Research is in step with our journalist who have short memories! Rudd, more trusted to act in the community’s interest than any other significant political figure. I do not think so Bernard. I and many others connect Kevin Rudd straight to his time during the Wayne Goss government when child abuse took place in the John Oxley Centre.
    Perhaps crikey could do an interview with Kevin Rudd and again ask him those questions he side stepped because things were being inquired into. The Heiner Affair and Shreddergate remain an unfinished chapter inn Queensland political history

  3. Jimmy

    Does anyone else find it annoying that on a day where we have the results of the greek election, the resumption of parliament, the PM at the G20 and ebate of same sex marriage we get an article discussing polling?

  4. Edward James

    I had not realised so much was going on Jimmy. I look at tips and rumors for information which is not part of media releases to the chooks. I must point out when people tell Crikey something on the down low. What Crikey staff and their subscribers do with that information will be what keeps Crikey in the competition for eyeballs. Edward James

  5. Jimmy

    Edward James – I ahve no idea what you are on about, you aren’t funny enough to be sarcastic but no one could be that stupid.

  6. Sue11

    Gee, I don’t get why people consider Mr Rudd more trustworthy.

  7. Edward James

    I am paying for the opportunity to publish my comments on Crikey Jimmy. Too bad you don’t get it! Edward James

  8. Edward James

    Sue 11 neither do I. This politician was Chief of Staff to Wayne Goss. He reffussed to answer questions from the media which Joe Beljkie Petersen called “chooks” about abuse which is alleged to have occurred at the John Oxley Center. This link http://justgroundsonline.com/forum/topics/the-heiner-affair-how-it-got?page=2&commentId=3535428%3AComment%3A246026&x=1#3535428Comment246026
    Annette McIntosh, 37, is one of the living victims of Shreddergate – a 20-year controversy involving politicians, shredded documents and “hush money”. Kevin Rudd is part of this dysfunctional abuse of due process.
    I have a lot of trouble understanding how taxpayers can be identified as considering voting for him!
    http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/new-light-shed-on-heiner-affair-with-shreddergate-inquiry-set-to-open/story-e6freoof-1226105065063 Edward James

  9. Edward James

    Jimmy, you say no one could be that stupid. Are you an expert on stupidity? Edward James 0243419140

  10. shepherdmarilyn

    Edward James, you are really Piers Akerman aren’t you? The Heiner affair did not investigate child abuse at John Oxley, it investigated nepotism among the frigging staff.

  11. Jimmy

    Shepherd Marilyn – He isn’t Piers Akerman, just an old man who has confused this with a dating site.

  12. Hamis Hill

    In a debate ideas are thrown up to see if they will fly.
    Usually they fall back to earth of their own accord.
    Sometimes they are shot down in flames.
    But gangs of bogans howling epithets like “stupid” don’t take anything out but themselves.
    As said some ideas will crash and burn of their own accord but posters self-immolating with
    inconsequential insults? You can do better. Why no try?

  13. Phil Vee

    The Heiner Inquiry was into the administration of the Juvenile Detention Centre not sexual abuse. Heiner himself said he did not hear evidence about the rape “case” in question and no-one can say what “evidence” was destroyed. The Inquiry was illegally constituted by the National Party Govt and had to be shut down. Testimony was destroyed and I repeat no-one knows what evidence was destroyed or if any was.
    The fuss made about it is a despicable partisan troll exercise by the Right, hiding behind the suffering of others. They delight in dragging it out and waving it around at the most irrelevant times, like now.

  14. Edward James

    Well put Hamis Hill. Some time ago I pointed out these web sites are not unlike a public house where those who enter may discuss and share information with their fellow man. When I identified these sites Crikey and sydney independent media as a public house. I never for a moment thought it would become a blood house where people would smash others into submission. Edward James

  15. Edward James

    @ SHEPHERDMARILYN Posted Monday, 18 June 2012 at 5:22 pm | Permalink I am flattered Marilyn Shepherd. Piers Akerman you say. He is paid heaps as a word smith. I am someone who realised systemic corruption exist because people support and accommadate it. Anyone working politics from the Central Coast of NSW knows exactly who I am. Edward James 0243419140

  16. Edward James

    @ JIMMY Posted Monday, 18 June 2012 at 5:29 pm | Permalink Check out more of the Crikey links to what I have been alleging Jimmy if you are struggling ring me 0243419140 if i do not pick up leave your number.

  17. Edward James

    Posted Monday, 18 June 2012 at 5:22 pm | Permalink
    Edward James, you are really Piers Akerman aren’t you? The Heiner affair did not investigate child abuse at John Oxley, it investigated nepotism among the frigging staff.
    I think what you posted about “nepotism among the frigging staff” your words above is misleading crap. Marilyn Shephard I must question on behalf of other subscribes why it got a run.

  18. Edward James

    Kevin Rudd has a political history. Heiner and Shreddergate are two important chapters of that Labor party history. So B Keane how about you go after Rudd for the answers to those questions he slipped because there was an investigation underway! Edward Jaems

  19. Phil Vee

    Well done Edward James. Five consecutive posts after mine and not a sensible word refuting anything I said.

  20. Richard Affleck

    Reading the above comments teaches me that discussions on Crikey.com are no more or less idiotic than on other news sites.

  21. mattsui

    Hear, hear. I was going to wonder aloud how it is possible for polling results to be so removed from reality…… then I read these comments. Now I’m wondering if reality hasn’t taken it’s leave of the human species that created it.

    Then again, I guess these polls create a reality all of their own….. Stuff it, I’m going back to the cartoon…..

  22. Mark from Melbourne

    The only thing these polls confirm is how stupid people are or how little their perceptions are based on well informed opinions. Or maybe it’s just the people who get polled?

    I am still yet to come across any one that has been a participant in this sort of polling or even TV surveys. Is this because of the circles I mix in or do these polling companies just make it up as they go along? I suspect the latter!

  23. Edward James

    The Heiner Affair and Shreddergate are still a political issue nationally. Edward James


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