Jun 15, 2012

Jones failed ‘reasonable efforts’ test, but chaff bag OK

The broadcasting regulator has found Alan Jones in breach for his notorious "0.001%" comments, but not those about killing the Prime Minister.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Alan Jones did not breach the radio industry’s code of conduct or his broadcaster’s licence conditions when he said five times that Julia Gillard should be “put in a chaff bag” and dumped at sea, the broadcasting regulator has found. But it does say Jones made no effort to check his claims about the human carbon contribution to the atmosphere, and his broadcaster, 2GB, must improve its processes for fact-checking or face a licence condition.

ACMA this morning announced that it had found that Jones’ “chaff bag” comments in June and July 2011, also directed at Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore and then-Greens leader Bob Brown, did not incite violence or hatred based on age, gender, race or other characteristics.

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76 thoughts on “Jones failed ‘reasonable efforts’ test, but chaff bag OK

  1. Bill

    Right, so it’s okay to incite hatred in broad and general terms, just so long as it’s not based anything specific.
    Well, I’m sure the shock jocks will take the appropriate lessons from this.

  2. The Pav

    Perhaps the geadline should be ACMA fails again.

    Using the same terms of reference on why did the ABC appologise to Morrison

  3. Peter

    “no evidence of a systemic problem at the broadcaster.”


  4. Sir Ian Chegsworth III

    Mrs Jones won’t be happy until ruddy faced shouting is our new national language, the speaker is renamed the shouter and Hansard is recorded in capital letters.

  5. drmick

    Unbelievable isn’t it? Jones could have written that rubbish from ACMA himself. I am not unconvinced that he did not write the response for them.
    Thanks to a rogue magistrate in Sydney, calling Police effing cees is OK. According to this mob, threatening the PM is OK. A known nut bag and convicted racist complains about one of his racist friends being called racist, and gets an apology.
    Where does it stop?

  6. lindsayb

    CSIRO cape grim data says CO2 increased from 330ppm in 1977 to 389ppm in 2011. That looks like a nearly 20% increase in 3 decades, not 0.0001% or 3%, increasing at approx 0.3% per year.

  7. lindsayb

    No surprise that ACMA has handed down another weak cop-out of a decision though. They have “form”.

  8. Ronson Dalby

    The ACMA is as much a toothless tiger as is the ACCC; two organisations that are there too make it look as though ‘something’s being done’.

  9. Steve777

    3% not 0.001%. Well we’re not going to worry about a factor of 3,000 are we. Looks as though the ‘research’ was to make up a number that fitted the argument. Why would anyone take this clown seriously?

  10. drmick

    The Convoy of Incontinence took him seriously S777. If his mathematical overestimation is consistent, then there would still only be 3001 Depend wrappers under the w*tch Bank? sign.

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