This morning Fairfax gave us the views of Martin McKenzie-Murray on the future of journalism and why blogging can't replace the sort of Woodward-and-Bernstein-style investigative journalism we all want. The issue is particularly piquant currently as Fairfax and News Limited go about sacking staff in an effort to prop up the newspaper business model for a while longer, in the hope that someone works out a new one they can move to.

McKenzie-Murray tries to elevate himself above what he describes as the turf war between seasoned journalists and bloggers, graciously allowing that both sides might have a point about each other. But he offers a series of straw men, and rather old ones, too. Most of the article is aimed at the contention that bloggers and "citizen journalists" can't replace high-quality journalism provided by the mainstream media. No kidding -- of course bloggers can't replicate the efforts of full-time investigative reporters -- they usually have day jobs of their own.