Jun 13, 2012

Assange rolls the dice again on legal challenge

Julian Assange's lawyers has sought to reopen his appeal with a small but critical technicality about how judges interpreted his case.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Julian Assange’s legal team has lodged its application for the overturning of the UK Supreme Court’s decision to reject his appeal against extradition, arguing a key point it claims could reverse the decisions of two of the majority judges in the case, which would deliver a win to Assange.

Immediately upon delivery of the verdict two weeks ago, Assange’s legal team, headed by barrister Dinah Rose and solicitor Gareth Peirce, requested leave to apply for a reconsideration of the verdict on the basis that a key issue in the judges’ consideration, the applicability of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, hadn’t been argued before the court.

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4 thoughts on “Assange rolls the dice again on legal challenge

  1. shepherdmarilyn

    The thing about this is the poor bastard has been under house arrest and in prison off and on for almost 2 years without ever being wanted for any crime.

    The Swedes could talk to him anywhere, after all
    Assange is running an entire TV program on air.

  2. banistersmind

    That he would continue to fight on (as of course, he should) says more to me about his team’s legitimate fears about the U.S. desire to get their hands on him via Sweden than anything. It’s 2 years people – America can’t hide from the truth he has revealed. They’ve been caught with their pants down. Pull them back up and leave him alone.

  3. AR

    The Hegemon has always been the dinosaur in the court room – a small consolation is that something so big needs a big brain to function properly and this is demonstrably diminishing in the Benighted States. This devolution is too slow to save Assange but it is dead but too dumb to stop moving.
    Not that sweetness & light will break out when it finally hits to dirt, there are too many little critters eager for their time to strut the world stage.

  4. Tom

    I don’t much like Mr Assange but don’t have a problem with what he did in the context of Wiki. I also however think that the suggestion the Swedes trumped up charges against him in cahoots with the US Government so he’d be extradited from the UK and transited through Sweden on the way to Gitmo, is the stuff of conspiracy theorists and other nutters.
    Let him face the music for what he is alleged to have done in Sweden and if he does end up in the US after that, see that for what it is (more eveidence that the US security people are totally out of any notion of control) and deal with it accordingly. Like Hicks, in IMHO, just because he’s Australian certainly does not mean he’s to be automatically assumed to be a victim of injustice and deserving of any special treatment. If as I suspect ‘it’s all about me’ and has established himself as a ’cause celeb’ he’ll write his book, make his money and will have achieved what he really wanted, his 15 mins of fame.

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