Jun 8, 2012

Deep in the heart of Texas with the Business Council

A new BCA report on poor productivity in Australia appears to be aimed at increasing the use of immigrant labour. It is, as John Cleese might say, "wafer thin".

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

I’ve seen some bad reports in my time, let there be no doubt. Minerals Council reports demonstrating that the world will end when a mining tax starts. “Independent modelling” showing with mathematical precision how a carbon price will obliterate entire industries. Copyright industry reports calculating that filesharing causes more economic damage than the entire gross world product.

The Business Council’s Pipelines or Pipedream (see what they did there?) report released yesterday isn’t the dumbest you’ll ever see. Nor the most biased. But it’s easily the most transparent. It is, as John Cleese might say, “wafer thin”.

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53 thoughts on “Deep in the heart of Texas with the Business Council

  1. susan winstanley

    Well done Bernard, this is why I subscribe to crikey

  2. john2066

    Great takedown Bernard. Does anyone on planet earth actually take Access Economics seriously any more. Their ‘reports’ are just laughable publicity flyers for whoever is paying the bill.

  3. john2066

    Access Economics are an open joke.

  4. john2066

    Also, Emma Alberici- wow, just wow. A journalist who actually researches facts and statistics, and doesn’t take any of Jennifer’s rubbish. Amazing job, unfortunately very rare for Australian journalists to ever do this.

  5. Jimmy

    Great article – On a sort of related point my brother used to work in the Bass strait oil fields for Hallyburton, the used to get safety reports through from Hallyburton worldwide and shock horror the Gulf of Mexico was always the worst for the same reason outlined here.

    I also wonder how loud the screaming from the minerals councila and the BCA would be if the economy was actuall y even close to the perilous state they suggest.

  6. The Pav

    I also saw the interview

    It was a good journalist doing a good job.

    Polite, informed persitant ,knowing and as a result I was better informed by the end of it.

    It also demonstrated that if industry groups want to help their mebers perhaps rather than falling in with the standard mantra if the actually did real research and came up with solutions they, their members & the country would be better off.

    I see a glimmer of hope for the debate in Australi improving

  7. paddy

    Cracking good piece today Bernard. Doubly enjoyable, after watching Emma Alberici embarrass Jennifer Westacott last night on Lateline.

  8. Jimmy

    Just read the transcript of the interview and the real standout for me was the claim “we absolutely do not want to cut wages” followed by the subsequent statement that there should be “employer only agreements” on “greenfield sites”.Are thise pesky unions stopping the companies paying they staff enough money?

  9. Mike

    Fabulous article, Bernard. Top shelf.

    Excruciating interview. Cuts right through the right-wing BS put about by the BCA and Mitch Hook’s mob.

  10. klewso

    I like the full/alternate title “Pipelines or Pipedream : Who pays The Piper …..”? Calls the tune?

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