Jun 6, 2012

New revenue stream is kids’ play for Facebook

Children need to learn to interact and socialise, whether online or offline.

Stilgherrian — Technology writer and broadcaster


Technology writer and broadcaster

Facebook is in talks with the federal government about plans to allow under-13s onto the site, reports The Australian. Facebook is “under fire” for “setting its sights” on your kids, clichés Fairfax. Clichés is so a verb. But wait. Haven’t we been here before?

Ah yes. Here’s what I wrote in May last year: Facebook for under-13s? Who’s kidding whom here?

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2 thoughts on “New revenue stream is kids’ play for Facebook

  1. Gavin Moodie

    How does Facebook know that anyone is under 13 unless they volunteer the information?

  2. AR

    There is strong medical evidence that the flicker of the the old cathode ray TVs had a deleterious effect on immature brain development.
    After the 80s introduction of muzak videos, the greater danger of 1-2 image changes increased the danger of cognitive miswiring which now has us in the 21stC with vast numbers of young people who cannot conceive the worth of a non screen existence, let alone, y’no yer akshal activity.
    Under 13s on FarceBook? I’d recommend not looking at a screen (though the LED are orders of magnitude less harmful than the barrel of a cathode ray gun) until at least 10 but then I also adovcate eating nutritious food so am off with the faeries in this drear, dire modern world.

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