Jun 4, 2012

Mayne: Arbib the latest in a long line of plum post-ministerial posts

Julia Gillard’s former sports minister Mark Arbib didn’t waste any time cashing in on his insights. But then, conservative politicians are just as guilty of grabbing plum post-ministerial jobs.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Julia Gillard’s former sports minister Mark Arbib shocked many political observers when he resigned three months ago. And he certainly didn’t waste any time cashing in on his insights.

The Australian Financial Review revealed on Saturday that Arbib has landed a well-paid job with James Packer’s private company, where he will focus on the campaign to grow high-roller Chinese casino tourism.

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6 thoughts on “Mayne: Arbib the latest in a long line of plum post-ministerial posts

  1. mick j

    Why would anybody be surprised. The reason for nothing much ever changing is that politicians of all persuasion have a common interest through all 3 levels of government and they do not rock the boat despite being aware of corruption, inappropriate behaviour and mismanaged public organisations because IT IS A CLUB and you don’t rat on your mates, do you. Bad things only ever surface when it is politically expedient for them to be made public. Why else do we continue to have rotten to the core councils which are never investigated by the ICAC, which do not have any scrutiny or accoutability, which never a case to answer despite ongoing gross mismanagement and corrupt behaviour and which are never fixed.

    The awarding of high paying jobs to the ‘boys’ when they leave politics is entrenched corruption, but who is going to stop it? That is the problem. The only possible solution is for an apathetic public to vote out the 2 party (not preferred) duolopoly. As Albert Einstein said “Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the universe”. I am not holding my breath.

    Whilst our system of government hinges on business money for the re-election process nothing will much change other than the faces. And whilst we have a business owned media which picks and chooses its targets whilst intentionally ignoring problems we all better get used to it to more of the same. It ain’t going away.

    In the end expect Australia to end up like Greece in the future. This is the inevitable future for a country which does not run properly.

  2. Edward James

    @ Mick J. Too few voters have any spare time to turn on dead wood politicians and get rid of them from local governments and parliaments. Because it is not easy when focused on earning a living and keeping a roof over the families heads. It is important to keep banging on about the way influence is peddled as in the example Eric Roozendaal and Mark Arbib — both prodigious fundraisers through their then positions as head and deputy head of the NSW Labor party — completed their respective real estate purchases. Taxpayers can see the abuse and corruption, they understand their elected representatives those who ask for our votes to be given in trust are insistently accommodating political sins against the people. They refuse to engage with constituents who bring them complaints about misgovernance. The law of continuing succession as it applies to Ministers dose not seem to matter to MPs. Bad politicians remain in place because they enjoy grass roots support from people who just do not care about the obvious problems. Edward James

  3. klewso

    And Larry Anthony’s “unrelated” earnings – simple as ABC?

  4. kennethrobinson2

    Is there any wonder why our LEADERS??, want to stop WIKILEAKS, hell it just shows what criminals they are.

  5. John Newton

    Scumbags. Unfortunately, they’re reflection.

  6. Edward James

    Stephen Mayne is a local Victorian councilor, well able to do the business on behalf of the local constituents I am sure! I wonder if he understands my perception /often published assertion our local councilors. Not just in Victoria but nationally who are members of the two parties not much preferred (Labor and Liberal) are not willing to take formal complaints from constituents about political sins against the people being permitted at local government levels to party members at the state level of government. In brief, politicians will not turn on fellow politicians because it is a team activity. I write this because I expect Stephen Mayne is not keen to keep alive the dysfunctional political activity at all three levels of government. Edward James 0243419140

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